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Knock, Knock, Someone's At Your Door

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Based off of the song "Hide-and-Seek by SeeU". Adapted version by me. Ding-dong have you ever seen the Seeker? Come on its the witching hour Don't you know any better? Now come on Ding-dong you've never seen the seeker? She torments the ones at home She stalks the ones afraid She haunts those alone! Ding-dong let's play a game of Hide and seek! I wonder how long you'll last? Oh, did I make your knees go weak? Ding-dong, I can see your frightned eyes Peering though the window Looking for shelter Too bad you'll find none! Ding-dong its your turn now Don't think you can run Thousands of tried to escape But the total? None! Ding-dong its time to pay the price Ding-dong its time to end the game Ding-dong its time to put you to bed Ding-dong its time to meet your fate of your same! The song is about a Meowscarada with red-and-black fur. She haunts children who are at home with her and refuses to let them go until they play hide-and-seek with her. Eventually, she will win, and put the children to "rest". The Meowscarada's name is "The Seeker" or just "Seeker". She is the evil twin of Myra(Myra's an OC and my current profile picture, the red and black Meowscarada) and has stolen the souls of many.
Star | She/Her | Psychopath
x 500 x 500
Sells a variety of things!
Full credits here. PFP => Salty_Lightning on Pinterest Button => Kaelwolfur
Lady Coffee's AvatarLady Coffee
Lady Coffee's Avatar
That was really good. ^.^
Thanks <3
this is going to get deleted...could someone please move this to finished?

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