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Making profile look pretty

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BlightedØmen's AvatarBlightedØmen
BlightedØmen's Avatar
Hi! I'm kinda looking for help making my about thing look pretty. Or I guess more specifically, could someone maybe teach me how to code at least a little? I'm a really fast learner so I don't think it should take too long, but I would really appreciate the help
Image is of Amity from The Owl House on Disney XD
Mirzam's AvatarMirzam
Mirzam's Avatar
I can't teach right now, but there's some useful guides that can get you started. And if you get stuck or have questions, you can also ask in the guide threads. Here's some of my favorites, but there's some others too: Get started with BBCode, the main way to add and organize content: https://pokefarm.com/forum/thread/1969/A-Somewhat-Extensive-Guide-to-BBCodes Get fancy with CSS, to add colors, shape and align things, and more: https://pokefarm.com/forum/thread/335371/Guide-to-CSS-Beginner-to-Expert

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