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✿Spaceducks' F2U s/a/m baits | Requests

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Would love to see a Frusky bait! ^^

+ Starlight!
| They/She/He
+ Neopronouns, feel free to ask!
| 19
August 7th

Hisuian Zorua/Sprigatito enthusiast!
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Retsky's AvatarRetsky
Retsky's Avatar
hello! your baits are so cute! may i request a Kenyip please?(:
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Buggs's AvatarBuggs
Buggs's Avatar
May I request a archen they are my perm hunt :)
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dumbdog's Avatardumbdog
dumbdog's Avatar
platykit? :3
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Buggs's AvatarBuggs
Buggs's Avatar
May I request a Audino I'm hunting them as my permanent hunt
cephal0pawed's Avatarcephal0pawed
cephal0pawed's Avatar
heello! could i request vanillite, okidogi, or mega giratina? you choose! ^_^
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