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Pokefarm Veterans/Long-Time Users Discussion Thread

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Brightside's AvatarBrightside
Brightside's Avatar
Hey, I haven't been on this site in YEARS but it's nice to see it still moving with a lot of new people. I was just curious how many of you folks have been around for a long time, around when this site started up in 2013 after the original Pokefarm or the early years when everyone was new here. Things I remember were:
  • Pokefarm 1! The SuperLite mode for masssclicking, when Niet went by Kolink, the convuluted quests that you had to do to get some events, everyone having a spriting phase in 2012.
  • Friend requests! Before the VIPs we would have friend requests and everyone would have either let people know their stance on random friend requests in their bio
  • Albinos and all that not being a thing, I think I was getting off around when they came in
  • The IRC chat that would be on the website before Discord became big, I think we had a little community there
  • The old forums used to be buzzing all the time, I remember being a newbie and offering my level 100 starter for event Pokemon on PF1 since I thought it was worth a lot, thank god I got someone helpful enough to give me one for free (and to politely tell me my offer was garbage LOL)
  • Just want to shout out my man RedCyndranth, he was a chill staff member and active user that would massclick EVERYONE. Didn't realize he was going through a lot but anyone that interacted with him knew how immensely positive and helpful his attitude was. If you've got the time go visit his page, read his bio and give him some clicks so that his memory lives on.
This site was really revolutionary for its time way back then... no surprise it's still going strong to this day. It was a different Internet back then and things were wild so props to the staff for not only keeping it running but also having the patience to deal with all of us haha. Sad to see my VIP list having a lot of long-gone profiles but also happy to know there's still lots of fresh users still joining the site like I did back then, if anyone else wants to reminisce feel free to share your experience and how long you've been here, and maybe any memories from when you were a new user like a lot of the people here.
Tykira's AvatarTykira
Tykira's Avatar
PF1 veteran here... I can't remember when I made an account over there, maybe 2012-ish? I was very young when I first got into Pokefarm, and I remember in the old IRC/Skype chats everyone was SO friendly! I am not really active in terms of playing this game anymore, but I do check in quite frequently because I like to keep up. But I've had many long periods of inactivity, and I'm definitely not a pro player haha. There's plenty of people who only signed up within the last year or so who are wayy ahead of me in terms of gameplay. I remember on PF1 one thing I loved to do was participate in those 'art schools' where the person would teach you how to sprite and they'd give you assignments to complete, like recolouring a sprite or something like that. That was so fun and I don't think I see that as often around here. Also I remember when PFQ opened and being absolutely AMAZED at the ease of certain features. Especially mass-clicking, it is a much easier system than what existed on PF1. Another thing I remember is the ubiquity of post templates. You do still see templates here and there in trade shops/journals/about me's but IIRC people used them much more frequently back then, on almost every post. I remember attempting to make my own and learning HTML/CSS and it was so fun! And yeah, I basically just remember PFQ being pretty bare bones, since I was one of the people who got the opportunity to be a Beta-tester back in 2013. No albinos, no wishforge, no type race or anything like that. I just remember everyone being excited to get a Kalos starter since they weren't available on PF1. As you can see on my profile, I got a Fennekin which I was very happy about. I totally get you with seeing all the inactive profiles on VIP lists. Basically all of the people I used to talk to on Skype haven't logged in for a looong time unfortunately :(
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arbor's Avatararbor
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Ah I remember the site chat! Had some fun times there. I’ve taken several breaks from the site but I’ve technically been around since the beginning of PFQ. So much has changed, for the better I think.
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Brightside's AvatarBrightside
Brightside's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by Tykira

I remember on PF1 one thing I loved to do was participate in those 'art schools' where the person would teach you how to sprite and they'd give you assignments to complete, like recolouring a sprite or something like that. That was so fun and I don't think I see that as often around here.
YOOO I definitely was in one of those and had my little spriting phase because of that! Yeah as a kid people would just use MS Paint to make a green Squirtle with a bulb and my little mind would explode. Fun times and I loved just recoloring sprites for fun. And about post templates, literally everyone had a template, either a custom one or a freebie they took from someone's shop. Either way that was a cool way to flex on people, having your own custom-made template with your username in there LOL.
monsterfuzz's Avatarmonsterfuzz
monsterfuzz's Avatar
I can't help but to keep coming back to PF every couple of years - nothing else scratches that nostalgia itch quite the same! I'm also so happy that we were able to transfer over old pokes, I still have my very first one! Some of my fondest memories had to be browsing through people's journals. There were so many unique written works, and quite a few artists had really inspired me as well.
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Brightside's AvatarBrightside
Brightside's Avatar
Woah totally forgot about the transferring! That's funny that your fully evolved starter is level 2 haha. I was on PF1 a lot but my memory's foggy from it being a decade ago, I just remembered how busy it was in those times. There'd be like a couple thousand users online at a time in peak hours. How'd everyone find out about this site? For me I was on other Pokemon fansites as a kid and on the Cave of Dragonflies forum (the site with the famous Pokemon personality test back then) I saw people having their Pokemon and eggs in their forum signatures to click. That's how I found the site and got hooked. And then seeing all the cool sprites of the event Pokemon like Shooting Star Clefairy and the fakemons like Orkit kept me there. I feel like the Internet was a lot more innocent back then, nowadays I feel like young people have less spaces like all the Pokemon fansites back in the early 2010s to go to and they all have to mainly go on the big sites like Twitter, Tiktok, Youtube, etc and share them with others. I have little cousins and I feel the Internet isn't as forgiving as back then as it was for me (but I guess that's a whole different topic to be discussed haha)
Tykira's AvatarTykira
Tykira's Avatar
I found this website because I used to be quite active on Chatlands (if anyone remembers those!) and everyone was talking about Pokefarm and was sharing links to their favourite Pokemon and eggs in their party. I loved Pokemon so I instantly signed up and have been here ever since! I totally get what you mean. I'm 20 now and I'm glad growing up my internet experience was through browser games, Pokemon fansites, internet forums and the like. It is sad that younger people now will experience the internet solely through social media. Not even the DeviantArt flash games are still around which I spent a lot of time on :( It's all concentrated on a few big platforms.
Apocapoo's AvatarApocapoo
Apocapoo's Avatar
Used to be on chatlands a lot too, I got hooked on pf from my brother who found tbe site through somewhere else and I got a bunch of my friends to sign up with me (hi tykira XD). By no means was I an endgame player from pf1 because me and my brother joined towards the end/start of pfq. the site felt like it was a bit more of a community, everyone knew each other in one sense or another, and like tykira said as well its sad to see how kids use the internet now compared to how we used to growing up. :<
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Tykira's AvatarTykira
Tykira's Avatar
OMG Hi Apoca <33 Pretty sure you was the one who first introduced me to Pokefarm :D

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