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Who Are the PKRS Hunters?

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xaandiir's Avatarxaandiir
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Hello all. Something I've been wondering about are who are some of the most active PKRS hunters on here. There was a log someone made ages ago that kept track of the people who got pokerus, but it has since gone out of commission. The site stats show who has gotten PKRS the most on site, and there are definitely some people there that are still active, but a lot of them have gone inactive and so it is not the most accurate collection of users. So I thought I'd ask here! Are you a PKRS hunter? How much time do you spend clicking trying to get it, and how often would you say you're the host? I'll be putting together a list of these hunters in my journal, should anyone else be curious in the future :)
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I click so hard. depending on the day that is... lol. if i try hard i can get it 3 times in a day!!!!!!
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yautjan's Avataryautjan
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I like to hunt it when my hands can handle it, but that is not always haha. You might like this resource: https://pfq.eltafez.com/pkrs Shows who had pokerus in the last 24 hours and also who's had it most in the last 72 hours
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TotallyEdge's AvatarTotallyEdge
TotallyEdge's Avatar
Hihi~ I avidly hunt rus and try to get it at least once or twice a day (30-60k clicks average) ^^ A few other people i see appear quite a bit is hi-im-bingus and Fuecoco if that helps :>
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xaandiir's Avatarxaandiir
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QUOTE originally posted by yautjan

You might like this resource: https://pfq.eltafez.com/pkrs Shows who had pokerus in the last 24 hours and also who's had it most in the last 72 hours
Oooh thank you! This is really similar to the log I used to check :D
CeciliaLee's AvatarCeciliaLee
CeciliaLee's Avatar
I try to Pokerus hunt, but I've only gotten it 3 times lol I mostly go hunting it when I have a lot of eggs built up in the daycare.
Strangled Red's AvatarStrangled Red
Strangled Red's Avatar
hii!! i hunt on and off, i haven't been active lately but when I am active I get to abt 60k clicks a day lol.
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Mareepthan's AvatarMareepthan
Mareepthan's Avatar
i hunt most of the time, usually about 30 - 50k clicks a day, usually only get it once a day but sometimes im lucky and get it twice been off this week but its back to the grind lol
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mlewis2224's Avatarmlewis2224
mlewis2224's Avatar
i activly click through people boxes, have cleared enitre farms in the past, and i have bever once gotten it
SunshineSunny's AvatarSunshineSunny
SunshineSunny's Avatar
I typically hunt for Rus daily (averaging 20 to 30k clicks a day, though I did get sick over the past week so that number has depleted to 10 to 20k for a bit) but my luck is awful and I hardly ever get it.
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