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Kårñstêin's AvatarKårñstêin
Kårñstêin's Avatar
I'm wanting to hunt latias eventually, but I have so many questions and anxieties about it. I wanna hear about other legend hunts and any sort of tips/tricks for it. How many summons did you get to before starting the hunt? Was it enough? What powerups did you hunt with? Did you hunt only on certain bonus days? Did you hunt all days? What was something difficult about the hunt that you didn't anticipate beforehand? What's something you wish you could have done differently knowing what you know now? Did you find the hunt to be worth it to you? Do you regret it?
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Kårñstêin's AvatarKårñstêin
Kårñstêin's Avatar
Basilisk's AvatarBasilisk
Basilisk's Avatar
I'm currently hunting Guzzlord and it's been painful. I use all boosts, always.And i'm passed 1000 without one melan.
Captain's AvatarCaptain
Captain's Avatar
My very first melan legend hunt was Raikou. I started with ~360 Summons. Big underestimate. I got my melan at egg 2029. My second melan legend hunt was Ho-oh. I was determined to come prepared, so I had roughly 1k summons. Still not enough. She arrived at 4118. Zeraora, I don't recall how many Summons I had, but the summon was fairly new so not a huge stockpile. Melan arrived 1146. I also don't recall how many Summons I stored for Genesect, but it certainly was not nearly as high as 1k. I was just eager to start. I have hatched 3 melans before 1k eggs. My most recent melan legend, Deoxys, surprised me at 26. I started with maybe 275-300 Summons? The earliest of these hunts were done before the PR Stick, Z Crystal adjustment, and different Albino Radar and Ubercharm functions, and were every day hunts. Genesect I resumed for the third melan. What have I learned? It's all RNG. Maximize good boost days, if you can. Otherwise you run out of IP too quickly! I'd also say don't worry about having a huge hoard of Summons now. Just buy as many as you plan to hatch over maybe 2 or 3 bonus days and go for it in chunks. Prevents burn out and having a huge extra stock pile when you're done. Also! Stick to your buying prices. Inflating the market to get your melan hurts your wallet in the long run. I say this having paid 200ZC per Thunder Fang and Clear Bell, which looking back was compeletely illogical of me. But I was also competing for first melan legend, so competition drove up prices significantly. Not to mention troll parties hurt worse, imo, on legend hunts. I love my melans. I don't regret the hunt as much as I do the cost, but prices should remain fairly stable now that they've been discovered. One thing I wanted to mention that I did not expect was the residual effects. I still see Thunder Fangs and Clear Bells in shops and there's a part of me that still wants to grab them! Hahaha Maybe I'll go for another one day... I wish you the absolute best of luck on your hunt, should you decide to do it. c:
Lorne's AvatarLorne
Lorne's Avatar
My first, and only legend hunt until a few months ago, was in 2017, it was Entei and I had ~350 summons saved up for it. I got super panicky at first because I didn't get the first shiny until 1/94, but that shiny ended up being a melan so well worth the wait. I ended that hunt with I think ~4 albinos and probably 8-10 shinies if I remember correctly, and that was with full boosts. (Back in the day when the rates were forgiving.) I also hunted this when summons were 100+ zc each and I bought well over 1500 at that rate that've just been sitting in my inventory. Since coming back I've done a few legendary hunts, most if not all being impulse hunts and all of which are chains I have saved now to return to later on; Reshiram - 4 shiny, 1 albino 165h, all boosts + z crystal + sei day (had 40 summons to start, bought all the ones I could out of shops to fund it) Kyogre - 2 shiny, 1 albino, 196h, all boosts + z crystal + type race albino boost + sei day (had 70 summons to start I believe) Keldeo - 2 shiny, 0 albino, 220h, all boosts + z crystal + type race boost (had 100+ summons to start) Kyurem - 1 shiny, 0 albino, 110h, all boosts + z crystal + POTD + dragon v wave I'm doing Entei again right now, and so far with only 80h I've had 1 shiny and 1 albino. Full boosts + sei + z crystal. I have 1148 summons saved, I just stop and go on this hunt when I've maxed out my shelter pass on days with good boosts To be frank, even with full rates the shiny/albino odds are abysmal right now and the only reason I've been legend hunting now is because summons are a lot cheaper and easier to come by than they were 5 years ago. Not to scare you out of doing so, you can definitely get super lucky since it seems early melans are more common than they were before (not sure if that's actually supported, it's just based off of my own experience with my quick hunts), but compared to how hunting was when the rates were better, with expensive hunts it feels a lot more like a gamble now than an enjoyable experience. That being said I still really like legend hunting, even if it can be a soul crushing experience, something about "teehee... these are expensive" makes every party feel important. I'd recommend only hunting on high Sei days (<+20) and only with full boosts + z crystals active, otherwise specials can be way too far in between, especially albinos. The memory sticks are also super, super helpful and I'd highly recommend stockpiling on some and saving legend chains for days like today that have good boosts. Best of luck! :>
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Kårñstêin's AvatarKårñstêin
Kårñstêin's Avatar
Thank you everyone for all the good information! I'm doing a few random short chain studies to get some current shiny/albino rate info, but I agree that the rates are rather unfortunate right now. In the mean time I'm enjoying summon collecting at least. The summon market crash was a gift to meeeee

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