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Pokémon VS Digimon: Worlds Collide (RP)

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As Caelan approached the security checkpoint, he noticed it started snowing. Chances are there was a Mega Abomosnow somewhere on the hill, that was the only logical reason for why it would be snowing in the middle of a summer day. He took out a knit cap from his pocket and placed it over his head. He sat by the checkpoint and sipped his mocha, waiting for the trainers who wanted to go to the Dark Hill.
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I forgot the mention where Amara's Key Stone is since Chara has a Gyaradosite. I edited her info in the setup to accomodate that...

actual writing here!

Amara shivered as she slowed from her previous running to a calm stroll. It had taken her longer than she thought to get there (a Poke Maniac somehow noticed the Key Stone hidden underneath her hoodie and stopped her for a battle), but at least she was here now. 'Although, from the looks of things,' the walking trainer thought as she observed her surroundings. 'It looks like I'm early...' As far as she could tell, the checkpoint was empty, save for the man from TV sipping what looked like coffee. Maybe no one wanted to see the trainer-less megas... Can't say I blame them, Amara thought as she shook her head slowly. She sighed as she approached the man, hoping he would help her get inside. He said he would if any trainers showed up, but it never hurts to confirm. She attempted to wave him down to get his attention before asking, "Excuse me, you said in the cafe that trainers who wanted to explore the Hills should meet you. Is this the right spot?"
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Nithmine went to the checkpoint with Keahi and realized she didn't have a jacket with her. She mentally scolded herself for not being prepared for any possible weather. She shivered as she got closer to the checkpoint and saw snow falling in the area. Some kind of ice type is around here it seems. she thought to herself as she glanced around at the fresh snow. Keahi stuck close beside her now as they reached their destination.
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Caelan looked up from his drink to see one of the trainers from the cafe, along with another who seemed to be shivering from the cold. He stood up and told the first trainer, "Yes, this is the right place." and walking over to the second trainer and handing her an extra jacket from the security checkpoint, "There's probably a Mega Abomasnow nearby, we don't get snow in the summer for any other reason than Pokemon with Snow Warning."
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A sad sigh could be heard coming from Amara, her brain remembering all the snow-filled events that occured during her time growing up in Unova and Sinnoh. You could say that she and the cold had a...delicate...relationship, and thus her relatively positive opinion of ice-types was also fragile. Not that she hated them (it wasn't their fault they were born with or evolved into an ice type), but she would tend to avoid the places where they were commonly found. So hearing that an ice-type was ahead was...not pleasant. But, she'd already made a promise to Oda, so she mustered up was boldness she had and put on a light smile. "Alright," Amara conceded. "Are we waiting for anyone else or just people in general to show up?"
Caelan looked down the path to see the other trainers from the cafe coming down towards the checkpoint and said, "It seems everyone from the cafe is here. Once they're all here at the checkpoint, we'll go in. But do remember, these Pokemon aren't exactly in full control, the power of Mega Evolution is strong, but inexperienced trainers often have problems controling a Mega Evolved Pokemon, so with no trainer, these Pokemon can lose control. Not only that, but there are strong Digimon in there too, there's even some Mega level Digimon in there. If you have doubts about how you'll fare against them, leave the battling to me."
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Nithmine nodded after hearing what Caelan said. She shivered again, putting the jacket on. "Oh, um, thank you for the jacket." She said, putting the hood on. She turned and watched as another person showed up to the checkpoint. Keahi floated in front of her, trying to help her keep warm.

Pages: 1234

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