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Pokémon VS Digimon: Worlds Collide (RP)

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Pokémon VS Digimon: Worlds Collide
In the Caufeo Region, there are many people who play an online game called Digimon World Online. These people are mostly people who enjoy the thrill of a Pokémon battle but can't be bothered to go out and explore the world and catch and train their own Pokémon. Recently however, people have been reporting strange looking creatures that don't resemble any Pokémon they've ever seen. This is because they aren't Pokémon, they're Digimon. Through an unusual experiment between Professor Cottonwood and the creator of Digimon World Online, Digimon data has been fused with Pokémon DNA, allowing them to escape cyberspace and enter the real world. Some people are afraid of Digimon, others view them as being similar to Pokémon. While the region is in a slight state of shock, trainers and gamers alike have been able to catch and raise Digimon, just as if they were Pokémon. But how did all of this happen? Some people speculate that Digimon were not created but discovered. Others view them as being no different from Pokémon, but some are just as dangerous as some Pokémon can be. With trainers and tamers, as the gamers call themselves, having access to both Pokémon and Digimon, there's no telling what the Caufeo Region is in for. And what of you, will you only train Pokémon? Or perhaps you're a Digimon Tamer? Or do you not limit yourself to one or the other, and train both? Whatever you choose, the worlds of Pokémon and Digimon are colliding, and everyone had best be prepared.
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PFQ Rules Apply No Legendary Pokémon besides the ones listed No power playing or god modding Legendary Pokémon/Digimon are first come, first serve Reservations last 48 hours I don’t know enough about coding to make a nice form, you can make your own with the basics and anything else you wish
Pokemon Mew: Owned by Trace Vanders Mewtwo: Open Raikou: Open Entei: Open Suicune: Reserved for Asha Celebi: Open Regirock: Open Regice: Open Registeel: Open Kyogre: Open Groudon: Open Rayquaza: Reserved for Amara Laurier Deoxys: Open Regigigas: Open Cresselia: Open Darkrai: Reserved for Nithmine Regieleki: Open Regidrago: Open Royal Knights Alphamon: Open Craniamon: Open Crusadermon: Owner by Caelan Blake Dynasmon: Open Examon: Open Gallantmon: Open Gankoomon: Open Jesmon: Open Kentaurosmon: Open Leopardmon: Open Magnamon: Open Omnimon: Open UlforceVeedramon: Open Olympos XII Apollomon: Open Bacchusmon: Open Ceresmon: Open Dianamon: Open Junomon: Open Jupitermon: Open Marsmon: Open Merukimon: Owned by Caelan Blake Minervamon: Open Neptunemon: Open Venusmon: Open Vulcanusmon: Open Ten Legendary Warriors AncientGreymon: Open AncientGarurumon: Open AncientBeetlemon: Open AncientKazemon: Open AncienMegatheriummont: Open AncientSphinxmon: Open AncientMermaidmon: Open AncientTroiamon: Open AncientWisemon: Open AncientVolcanomon: Open Seven Great Demon Lords Lucemon Chaos Mode: Open Leviamon: Open Daemon: Open Belphemon Rage Mode: Open Barbamon: Open Beelzemon: Open Lilithmon: Open
Champion: Caelan Blake-Me Elite 1: Water: Open Elite 2: Electric: Open Elite 3: Ghost: Open Elite 4: Steel: Open Gym 1: Bug: Rhina Pratis: angelbeast111 Gym 2: Fighting: Open Gym 3: Poison: Venomania: Solaria's Eyes Gym 4: Grass: Open Gym 5: Psychic: Trace Vanders-angelbeast111 Gym 6: Dark: Junpei Asano: Glad.Silver Gym 7: Rock: Open Gym 8: Ground: Terrae Motus: Solaria's Eyes Trainers/Tamers Asha: Solaria's Eyes Nithmine: Glad.Silver Amara Laurier: DüskMäñê
What are the Starter Pokemon? The Caufeo starters are the Fakemon starter Pokemon here on PFQ Is there an evil team? Yes, but right now I don't have a name, so suggestions are open for a name and theme. The Seven Great Demon Lords are exclusive to the evil team, preferably by the leader and admins Is Digivolution Permanent? No, it is not, but unlike the anime, Digivolution is manually activated, and the opposite is also true, you can keep a Digimon in an evolved form as long as you like and can revert or Digivolve at any time. Are Digimon types involved? Yes and no, all Digimon are given Pokemon types, but also come in Virus, Vaccine, Data, and Free, but these types have very little effect when it comes to battle Are other PFQ Fakemon allowed? Depending on the Fakemon, yes, some variants will be considered Caufeo regional variants, such as Arctic Numel/Camerupt, they are part of the Caufeo Pokedex as regional variants Are fake Digimon Allowed? As of right now, no, they are not. It’s hard enough to keep track of official Digimon, adding fake ones will just be more confusing. Why is the max party size 11? I don't want this RP to be simply throwing Digimon into the Pokemon world. In the Digimon World Online game, which is based on the real Digimon game Cyber Sleuth and Hacker's Memory, tamers can keep up to 11 Digimon on their person for battles. Since this is the case for the game, the party size in the real world has been changed to fit this as well. You do not need to start with 11 Pokemon/Digimon, that's just the maximum size What do I do if I have a question not listed here? If you have a question that doesn’t have an answer in this section, feel free to PM me your question and I’ll get back to you ASAP
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Asha happily skipped throught the Capital city of the Caufeo region. She was planning to go to a newly opened cafe nearby. Right beside her was Star, her leafeon walking poshly throught the road to the Cafe.
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Caelan stepped out of his house in Caufeo's captal city of Winterfell. Despite what people think, Winterfell isn't cold all year long. When winter hit, yes, it gets very cold, but today was a warm summer day, so he decided to get some fresh air and maybe go to that new cafe that opened recently
Asha opens the door to the cafe, a bell ringing when doing so. The place was filled with people sitting down and talking to eachother while some pokemon were playing around with eachother. The place had a warm and cozy aura, the place smelling like a warm latte hitting your nose, which she really liked and waited in line as Star went to the other pokemon.
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Already having been dragged to the cafe early by a very excitable Rhina, Trace was napping at the duo's table. Rhina didn't mind their napping; she had already got him to try a real tasty mocha with her! Trace covered his flashy outfit with a purple cardigan so as to not be disturbed, but a watchful eye could spot his lavender eye mask with its two embellishments. Rhina just decided to leave the kigurumi at the closed gym at Trace's advice.
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Terrae had ventured out of his normal cold mountain home of Misty peak to visit a newly opened cafe that had lots of positive ratings too. Entering the place he notices Rhina and Trace from afar and smiled, waving at the two.
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Nithmine walked to the newly opened Cafe with her Chandelure, Keahi close behind her.Upon entering the cafe, she saw that all of the seats had been taken already. She joined the line and thought about what she would order. Keahi trilled beside her, signaling at the PokeMenu. "See something you like, Ke?" Nithmine asked. He trilled again and gestured at the Pecha Berry Drink. When the duo reached the front of the line, she ordered the Pecha Berry Drink for Keahi and a Caramel Latte for herself, then looked around to try to find a seat. [Sidenote: Keahi is pronounced Kay-ah-hee and Nithmine is pronounced Nith-meen]
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Rhina is first to wave back at Terrae considering she was plenty awake. She had to shake Trace awake -- to his confusion -- and point out the other leader. Once realizing Terrae was there he waved with a sleepy smile. With telepathy he speaks to Terrae from across the cafe. "You're welcome to sit with us. I'm sure we can make room!" Rhina was rocking side to side in her seat. "Now that you're awake, can we have another cup? We can see if there's anything Gardevoir and Escavalier would like too!" "That's fine, though maybe just hot chocolate this time for you. You're already hyped up." "Oki doki!!" The bluenette pops out her seat and lets out her aforementioned bug type. Gardevoir comes out on their own hearing they'd be needed. Both mon follow the bouncy girl to the counter.
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Amara sleepily stepped onto the sidewalk near a nice-looking cafe, stretching and yawning like she'd woken up from a 9-month hibernation. In truth, she'd only been asleep for the past 4 hours; the other 10 hours before that were spent analyzing some battles between a few well-known trainers before Ganon and Oda abducted her device and told her to get some shut eye. Speaking of Oda, he was next to her on her left side, making sure Amara wouldn't pass out before she got some caffeine inside her as well as protecting her in her half-asleep state from others. Crowds like this always unnerved Oda since you never know who's who, but at least they'd be out of it soon. After a few more seconds of being tired, Amara dazedly walked into the cafe, getting in line to order an espresso.
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As Caelan entered the cafe, he was in a trench coat with a fedora. Of course, this may make him look somewhat suspicious, but it was just so he wouldn't draw attention. Being Caufeo's youngest champion, he had to deal with paparazzi a lot. He ordered a sausage and cheese breakfast sandwich, a jelly filled donut, and a pepperment mocha before sitting down, waiting for his order to be finished. When they called for him, he went back to the counter and grabbed his food before sitting back down. Currently on the TV, there was a PSA from Professor Cottonwood, the one who allegedly had some responsibility for the Digimon that were appearing in the real world.

Pages: 123

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