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how do you prefer to organize your fields???

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parable's Avatarparable
parable's Avatar
so my fields are sorted by berry but im maaaaaaaybe thinking ill change that so its by type instead??? mostly for breeding purposes (ive been trying to get the blue moon line but my magcargo is so unhappy the breeding chances are like. less than zero DSDKHSDKJ) but i dunno!! what if people think thats like. annoying to click through or whatever what do u think !!! how do you organize your fields !! ive seen some people organize theirs by pokemon which is so fun 2 me especially if its one pokemon that all have the same nature . maybe ill make a sableye field for future hunts
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doodlings's Avatardoodlings
doodlings's Avatar
i've been wanting to get my litwick(&co) sorted by berry, but... procrastination right now theyre all sorted at the top by berry! no specific berry fields though. my fields are generally sorted ; s+s > alphabetically sorted typings > faves (the speshul friends field is exempt..)
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MP-Lily's AvatarMP-Lily
MP-Lily's Avatar
I just sorted mine by type.
arbor's Avatararbor
arbor's Avatar
i have mine sorted by type and then within type, berry. i started with only 2 fields per type with sour/spicy/dry and sweet/bitter/any, and the more pokemon i get the more fields i have. so i have one water field for each berry type but i think i still only have 2 steel fields since i don’t have as many steel pokemon.
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Starsplash66's AvatarStarsplash66
Starsplash66's Avatar
I sort mine by type, but when I'm lazy or in a hurry I just put in in my "Null Region" which is where I just dump random Pokemon.
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Eliyanah's AvatarEliyanah
Eliyanah's Avatar
I sort mine by berry type, but I have display fields for special Pokemon too.
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