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Fishing shiny thread

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I wish I had posted this earlier in the week because of the fishing tourney. Have you ever seen or caught a shiny while Fishing on PFQ? If so, show them off here! These are my two from ages ago!
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DopeyTheCat's AvatarDopeyTheCat
DopeyTheCat's Avatar
I didn't know you could catch shinies while fishing, that's pretty cool! :D
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QUOTE originally posted by DopeyTheCat

I didn't know you could catch shinies while fishing, that's pretty cool! :D
Yeah!! I have no idea what the odds are, but it can happen! I don't think albinos or melans are possible though, just shinies =)
Loghrif's AvatarLoghrif
Loghrif's Avatar
I've caught one! I also didn't know fishing pokemon could spawn shiny so was stressed he was going to run the whole time.
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Evariñ's AvatarEvariñ
Evariñ's Avatar
I caught one just a few days ago! I was extremely terrefied it'd suddenly flew! I heard you can catch shinies through fishing and I was excited about the idea, but I mainly did fishing because there was the fishing event a week ago! and then a shiny feebas just showed up. I struggled evolving him because of the max beauty requirement, which made me spend a lot credits on reseting his stats everytime oof :c
Congrats Loghrif & Evarin! Those are great shinies!!
LilypadLife's AvatarLilypadLife
LilypadLife's Avatar
This is my first one! I didn’t think I would actually catch a shiny in fishing, although I was hoping I was! I managed to catch it first try, and that was pretty lucky considering that all the other Marills I found ran away quickly or didn’t want to catch at all :)) Marill is one of my favorites, so I’m pretty darn happy that he was my first!!


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