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Secret Santa 2022

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Eltafez's AvatarEltafez
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Banner art by me.
Current status: gifting commenced!

What is Secret Santa? Per Google: a person who gives a Christmas present to another anonymously as part of a gift exchange arrangement within a group. Does this sound exciting? Continue reading on how to join!
  1. As a Secret Santa, cheap gifts such as berries, forme change items, evo items in general, and regular Pokémon are NOT allowed. Exceptions will be made for more newer users.
  2. Users are randomly assigned. However, an attempt will be made to keep newer users together since it's understandable that they won't be able to afford a lot of things (this is in tandem with rule 1)
    Answer this secret question: do you have a favourite dish during this season? If so, what is it?
    . Edit: newer users will not be kept together. I will help where I can regarding gifts.
  3. Deadlines are as followed:
    • Signup starts when thread is approved, and closes 15 December. I will send out PMs for assigned users on that day or the next, depending on my schedule.
    • The sending of gifts starts 25 December (PFQ time).
    • I will start reminding people as early as 10 January; it's understandable that people might be busy with celebrations.
  4. The secret question is hidden somewhere in these rules.

But wait, there's more! You might wonder that it's not quite anonymous or secret if you're straight-up sending a gift to your assigned person. In light of this, I discussed this with other staff members and got the green light to offer the following: If you would like to keep the mystery intact, or if you have scheduling issues, you can send the gift(s) to me. When it's time to send the gifts to the assigned user, I will send it in your stead. This may not be as effective with Pokémon gifts, but hey, it's completely your choice! Everything sent to me will be tracked and kept separate. With all that said and done, we finally get to the good part~
Entry Form: closed!
Username: Wishlist (either link or type it here): Answer to secret question:
Please feel free to spread the word so more people can join in the gifting and receiving! For this I've made the button above free to use.
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Eltafez's AvatarEltafez
Eltafez's Avatar
Entries: 176 users
Entry Form: Username: SalvationOfEons Wishlist (either link or type it here): Here Answer to secret question: Yule Log. Those resemble Swiss rolls that I like to eat for breakfast.
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Made by Animela
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Made by Animela
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Sari's AvatarSari
Sari's Avatar
Lovely idea!! Username: Sari Wishlist:


- HM Voucher - Shiny Charm - PR Stick - Mega Stone Voucher 4 or Charizardite X/Y - Mega Stone Voucher 5 - Firium Z - Azure Flute - DCP x60 - Boxbox - Dragon Ball - Meteorite - S/A Snoralts, Snichu, Alicalf, Taiveret, Seasonal Turtwig, Solynx, Quetzephyr, Apocalyptic Growlithe, Shinxel, Caprikid, Siberian Glameow, Kawotor, Flarbat* - S Lunupine, Hallowe'en Witch Purrloin* - S/A Jirachi or Diancie* *Would be even more awesome if the S/A Pokemon are female and have sweet berry preference :3
Answer to secret question: Cookies, Marzipan :) Can I edit my wishlist later/before Christmas?
Forum avatar credits: Sarah Anne Richford
pachimaroo's Avatarpachimaroo
pachimaroo's Avatar
Username: pachimaroo Wishlist: - any tier mega stone vouchers - special cubones - special eevees - delta exclusives/variants - any special mons - relic vases - relic gold - any summon items - art of her Answer to secret question: apple pie and hot tea ^^
KitKatKutie2's AvatarKitKatKutie2
KitKatKutie2's Avatar
Username: KitKatKutie2 Wishlist (either link or type it here): Here! Answer to secret question: I like some good ol' mac n cheese. This should be fun!~
kit | 21 | general moderator shopsite rulesjournal
code and sprite by me for my use only. official mystery dungeon dx artwork.
LadyJess's AvatarLadyJess
LadyJess's Avatar
Username: LadyJess Wishlist:
  • Azure Flutes
  • Megastones (eeveeultion ones especially!)
  • Any Megastone vouchers
  • Any Shinies/Albinos I don't have
  • Tournament Tokens (ether from the latest season or the season before it)
  • Double Deltas
  • Any currency
Answer to secret question: Pumpkin pie, or the awesome stuffing my aunt makes
Psst, check out my fanfiction based on my farm. Icon is offical art, drawn by Animela.
LilypadLife's AvatarLilypadLife
LilypadLife's Avatar
Username: LilypadLife Wishlist: Link! Will get to editing once I get time to :) Answer to secret question: yummy chocolate chip cookies with a cold glass of milk sounds good… 🍪🥛 I remember I did this one year and it was very fun! Stay safe and have a happy holiday everyone!! <3
TRADE SHOPART SHOPJOINT ARTGYM Best little buddies sticking together :) Sarah has finally joined and made them a trio! —- Avatar by Justsayhi of my OC Vera! <3
Yuuki-yui's AvatarYuuki-yui
Yuuki-yui's Avatar
Username: Yuuki-yui Wishlist (either link or type it here): -Albino Poipole (most wanted) -Albino light orange Flabebe/Floette -Albino Zeraora -Other S/A/M, wanted pokemon can be found here: Link -Currency -Sweet hearts -Mega Stone Voucher 5 -Black flute -X-Ray Specs -Doom seeds -Art of Yuuki in her new outfit linked here: Link Answer to secret question: Pinapple ham is great this look so fun! happy haliday!
Avatar made my me
Fated's AvatarFated
Fated's Avatar
Username: Fated Wishlist (either link or type it here):


Special Pokémon from Gen 1-3, 6,7 Gems Boxes Currency PR Sticks Art of my Sona
Answer to secret question: mashed potatoes. I love them so much

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