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S/A/D Venipedes for Swap/GP

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Taksony's AvatarTaksony
Taksony's Avatar
As the title says, I'm up to my eyes in Venipedes and looking for trades! Check out my UFT field, I have multiple s/a/d pedes! I'm MOSTLY looking for shiny/albino swaps. I don't have many shinies as is, so I'll accept most anything in return! As for actual prices for these babies in GP: Shiny Pedes: 60gp Albino Pedes: 90gp Albinos are sold out for now! Thank you! Delta Pedes: PWYW (or heck, trade a delta too!) As for the Shellos leftover from my last hunt, he'd be 120gp or an albino swap as well! Just link a specific one here if you want to choose, or just say you want a shiny or albino and we'll figure out our deal from there! :D
meki1's Avatarmeki1
meki1's Avatar
would you take an albino hoppip for the Shellos i have a bashful female, a hardy male, a lax female, and a careful female
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i have a shop ps: looking for a shiny (non-delta) ditto pm if have one for sale current hunt: Hisuian Growlithe
Taksony's AvatarTaksony
Taksony's Avatar
@meki1 Sure! I'd take the lax female for him, I'll send a trade
Dracanea's AvatarDracanea
Dracanea's Avatar
Hey, I'm interested in this albino Venipede! https://pokefarm.com/summary/NhTkT I have the following albinos available to swap, or I'd be more than happy to pay in gp
Taksony's AvatarTaksony
Taksony's Avatar
@Dracanea I'd love to swap for the Scraggy! I'll set up the trade
deathkora's Avatardeathkora
deathkora's Avatar
Hi there! I'd like to get this venipede please! https://pokefarm.com/summary/N_kHk
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Taksony's AvatarTaksony
Taksony's Avatar
@deathkora Yep! Sending trade
DeathNOM's AvatarDeathNOM
DeathNOM's Avatar
Can I get 3 shiny male Venipedes and your 2 albino Venipedes? I have these two up for swap, and I'll happily pay the rest with gp.
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Taksony's AvatarTaksony
Taksony's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by DeathNOM

Can I get 3 shiny male Venipedes and your 2 albino Venipedes? I have these two up for swap, and I'll happily pay the rest with gp.
Just moments before you, somebody PM'd about one of the albinos, so I only have one available. All the rest are okay though! I'd love to trade two of the shinies for those pokemon as well! I'll send the trades for the others. c:
Niluna's AvatarNiluna
Niluna's Avatar
Hello, I am interested in the following three: Would you be interested in swapping them for three of mine?
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