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A Purrloin Fail; A Pokemon Adventure in a Single Day

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Hotdogfish's AvatarHotdogfish
Hotdogfish's Avatar
This actually happened to me, which I didn't even know was possible! This is why I can't play Black2 / White2 anymore, ever. I just can't do it!
Jessica laced up her hiking boots, strapped on her fully packed backpack, and marched downstairs. “Jess! You're all ready to go?” her mom asked when she entered the kitchen. “Just filling up my water bottle,” she replied, heading to the sink to do just that. “I can't believe you're already going on your pokemon adventure,” she gushed. “Mom, are you going to start crying like you did when Matt left?” “No, sweetie.” “And when Jake left?” “No.” “And when the next door neighbour's kid left?” “I didn't cry when Sally left.” “Yeah you did.” Jessica unhooked one arm from her backpack to swing it around and slide her now full water bottle into the pocket designed just for that purpose. “I'd been cutting onions just before.” “Uh huh.” “And I had something in my eye.” “Suuure.” “I don't cry that much, Jess.” “Yeah you do.” “Well, maybe I do, but that's just because I'm so proud of all you kids.” “Riiiiight. Anyway, I'll phone you when I get to-URK!” Jess was cut off when her mother's strong arms wrapped around her. “I am proud of you, Jessica,” she told her firmly “Mooom!” Jess objected, bright red in the face. “Alright, alright. Professor Juniper phoned, by the way. She said that her assistant, Bianica, planned on meeting you here, but got lost around town.” “Great. I'll go have a look around. If she calls again, tell her to tell her peon to go to the outlook, it's the most obvious thing in town.” “Okay, and I'll call you if she does find the house; and don't call people 'peons'!” Jess laughed as she twisted out of her mom's arms and out the door. “Bye, Jess,” she whispered to herself as she watched her youngest child start her adventure.
Hotdogfish's AvatarHotdogfish
Hotdogfish's Avatar
Outside, Jess took a deep breath; this was it, this was the beginning of her grand adventure! Grinning widely, she looked up and down her street, just in case this Bianica woman had appeared, but she hadn't. This was nuts, Aspertia City wasn't even that big, and they lived on a fairly easy to find street! Well, whatever, she knew her way around, and she knew where this person was most likely to be. First stop, the Pokemon Center! She walked along the road, took the second left, followed that road for almost fifteen minutes, nipped down a back alley, and there it was in all its glory: the Pokemon Center. She headed straight in. “Jessay!” hollered the teenager behind the receptionist's desk. He was probably supposed to be more professional, but what did you expect when it was your friend's idiot older brother? “Hullo Conner. I'm supposed to be meeting the Professor's Assistant today, has some lady called Bianica come through?” she asked. “Yeah, 'bout half an hour ago. I told her to go down Main Street, then turn off at that burger place 'round the corner from you.” Jess sighed. “She never showed up. Thanks Conner. If she comes back, could you tell her that I'm going to check the trainer school, and if she's not there, I'm going to the lookout.” “Will do, byeeee!” he called after her as she left the center, giving him a wave as she headed out the door. Second stop, the Trainer School! Conveniently placed just next door to the Pokemon Center. Aspertia was a newer city, but the Trainer School was even newer than everything else. Next to the Pokemon Center, which was at least old enough that it looked like part of the city, the Trainer School looked too new, raw, and bright. It was a wooden building, like many others in the city, but instead of using local wood, the Pokemon League had shipped in fancier wood from around Driftveil City. It meant that the school not only stuck out like a sore thumb, but as it aged and the wood faded, it would still stick out from the other buildings. The locals weren't much of a fan of the building choices, though tourists seemed to like it. She headed inside and looked around the large, airy building, and went straight to the first person she saw. “Hi, has a lady called Bianica been in here?” she asked. “Yeah, a little while ago. Why?” a young woman with a long braid over her shoulder asked. “I'm supposed to be meeting her to get my pokemon.” “Oh, she mentioned giving someone a pokemon, congrats, by the way. I'm new here, so I just sent her next door to get some proper directions, sorry you missed her.” “No problem.” She went back outside and sighed. She wondered how many more people would say that they saw her, gave her directions, and sent her on her way? Might as well go to the lookout to see if she'd gotten lost up there too. It didn't take long to get to the the stairs to the lookout, and the stairs themselves were quite a pleasant walk as they went up through the forest. Despite that, she still was panting for breath once she got to the top. 'Maybe I should have practised carrying this stupid pack around before today', she thought as she forced herself to take step after weary step. Finally, she ran out of stairs and emerged back into the sunlight. The concrete slab blinded her, but she staggered over to the railing anyway. She knew where it was. Once her sight returned, she looked over almost the entire city. She could see the Pokemon Center, her school, and the distinct rooftop of the mall, but not her house; the people across the street from her had a giant tree in their yard that blocked the view. “Jessica?” an unfamiliar voice behind her asked. She spun around to face a woman, probably in her twenties, in white and green with pigtails and half-moon glasses. “Yeah, are you Bianica?” she asked. “Um yes, sorry, I couldn't find your house and this seemed like a good place to get my bearings.” “Uh huh, it's a pretty good view up here...” Was it rude to ask for her pokemon right away? It probably was. She didn't want to be rude, but she also wanted her pokemon... “I've got your paperwork here somewhere...” Jess watched in growing resignation as Bianica bent over to rummage in a messenger bag at her feet, fail to find what she was looking for, and pull everything out to find a crumpled up piece of paper. “Here it is! Let's see...it says you wanted an oshawott?” “Yes please.” Her mum had made sure she'd kept that form nice and flat before they'd mailed it off, and she'd had to fill out two copies before mum'd been satisfied with her handwriting. Why her mum couldn't have filled it out, or even typed it, was a mystery to her. Seeing it now as almost a ball, something inside her curled up and began to sob in a corner. “Hmmm...” Bianica dug in her bag again, this time expanding her search to include side pockets, and then her jacket and pant pockets. “Ah, found it!” she exclaimed, and pulled a shiny, brand new pokeball out of her jacket pocket. She pressed the button on the front to expand it, then released the pokemon inside. Jess squealed at the little oshawott that appeared. The oshawott squealed back. It would be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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