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Free Fields + Pairs, E/V heavy

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Dracanea's AvatarDracanea
Dracanea's Avatar
Hello! I have a ton of free fields right now, including regular, a few legendary, E/V, E/V other OT, and E/V pairs up for grabs! Please help me clear them out! Rules: 1. Please link the pokemon you are requesting, I'm rarely in the mood to go digging through my fields 2. Singles are unlimited, but please limit yourself to no more than 4 pairs to let others have a chance 3. Please be patient, I do work a full time job 4. First come first served Thank you!
African Violet Shaymin by Crescent
can i get this slugdog, please?
proton • he/it • 20 • journalshop 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ rights are human rights busy = asleep or afk look at my sons ⬇️
bg/pfp from pokemas, pfp edited by me (note) F2U code by Gumshoe
Dracanea's AvatarDracanea
Dracanea's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by ExecutiveProton

can i get this slugdog, please?
Of course, I'll send it now
deathkora's Avatardeathkora
deathkora's Avatar
Hi there, could I get this lunala? Thank you! https://pokefarm.com/summary/qCwtn
Wooper + Galvanic Wooper Hoarder Currently collecting one of every type of delta galvanic wooper
Roki's AvatarRoki
Roki's Avatar
Could I please get this pair: (1) (2)
Avatar made for me by naeriie! Her Twitter
swanna's Avatarswanna
swanna's Avatar
Thank you so much for this Could I grab this pair Konatus, Kyutopi And these singles Spectrier Calyrex Hydrinus Avaragon
Azlottie's AvatarAzlottie
Azlottie's Avatar
Avatar credit: PFQ Sprite. I have a shop now that is focused on trading and learning about this game, you can check it out HERE!
Hello! Could I get these please? :) 1. Saiyan Rattata 2. 1 2 Saiyan Rattata Pair Thank you!
pfp is from the Pokemon TCG

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