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PMD: Secrets of the distortion rp thread!

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setup thread! rp open! missions are small plot fillers people can participate in to earn currency, everybody starts with 400 pokegold. you need to keep track of your spending. battles between characters in rps are done in pokefarms sparring match. you just need to match the species, not the nature tho it is preferred for accuracy reasons.npc vs oc battles will be fought in normal rp style tho. this system is heavily adapted from the cotton city rp

currently available missions


reports have reported of feral combee convulging in one giant hive to prepare for an invasion.your job, is to either determine wether they have malicious intent or not and escape, or realise they have malicious intent and kill them all. Difficulty level: 3 stars Requirements: n/a Rewards: 250 gold poke

missions currently ongoing


Confirmed artefacts & owners

helm of atlantis: pheimos Lunar necklace: eclipse

Gold Poke record:

Solarias eyes

jade: 550 gold poke Calidoscope: 400 gold poke Eulalie: 400 gold poke


pheimos: 7000 gold poke Megaladon: 300 gold poke Milo: 400 gold poke Lorax: 400 gold poke Nagitoro: 400 gp


anaya: 400 gold poke


valorant: 400 gold poke


executioner: 400 gold poke Kingslayer: 400 gp


trixie: 400 gold poke


theo: 400 gold poke Amia: 400 gold poke Shawn: 400 gold poke Sam: 400 gold poke


nimo: 400 gp

Rp time currently (goes by 24 hour clock)


Milos tavern (buy your items and time skips here!)

1 nights rent of a room High quality room: 20 gold poke (heals all hp overnight) Medium quality room: 10 gold poke (heals half hp overnight) WRETCHED quality room: 1 gold poke (take 1 dmg overnight) food (heals you when you get injured) Milo: 2 gold poke (4 hp) Water: 1 gold poke (1 hp) Apple juice: 5 gold poke (5 hp) Scrambled feral combusken eggs: 5 gold poke (10 hp) Vegan tofu steak: 10 gold poke (20 hp) Pancakes with feral combee honey and feral milcery butter: 25 gold poke (40 hp) Century feral drampa egg: 40 gold poke (45 hp) Deep fried feral bellossom with feral milktank meat: 50 gold poke (60 hp) Fried rice with sweet curry and fried feral combusken: 100 gold poke (max restore)

Hp bars of all poke


Pheimos: max Megaladon: max hp Milo: max hp Lorax: 110/120 Nagitoro: max hp

Solarias eyes

jade: max hp Calidoscope: max hp Eulalie: max hp
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excuse me but can i join the roleplay?
Well you can join the rp, but it doesn't officially start until we have 2 characters at least, not counting mine, what use would a role play be without role players?
anouncement bump: rp is now open! you guys can start
The sound of clanging scales could be heard afar, it was Jade. She walked into Alpha town, enjoying the not very violent and rather weird weather for once. She then just sat down on a bench nearby
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Luna/Sol, She/Her and He/Him pronouns please!! Have a cute lil puppy
Give me Albino radar ples
Pfp - Background - Coding by Altered
Pheimos soared from the stone spire floating above the town, shrinking to Jades size as he approached, settling on the bench beside her. "Good evening Jade, how are you enjoying the Distortion?" Pheimos shifted uncomfortably In his seat. "I'm so sorry about dragging you here, I got a bit lonely, being stuck In the distortion and all..." Pheimos's voice trailed off into silence, leaving only Megs melodious voice echoing through the town as she practiced her singing.
"Well its okay i guess... Being lonely kinda sucks and i didn't have much to do back there anyways as i was always hunted by poachers for my rare appearance and my scales" She smiled abit, facing pheimos
Pheimos relaxed, leaning back into the bench. "Humans have been growing increasingly.....disgusting. I'm glad I could do something for you." Pheimos stared at jade with lazer sharp focus. "However, I need to ask you for a favour."
"Oh? What Favour?" Jade's expression turned to curiousness
Pheimos sat back up. "You see, In the distortion there have been certain issues popping up called Doom Dungeons. Besides that, there have been bubbles of infinite space, tears In time and rings opening up everywhere disrupting my renovation. I called you here so you could help me get rid of them. You don't have to worry aout having to clear a doom dungeon though, Its too dangerous for you. What I'm asking you Is to fix one of these "rings". You see, my friend Meg lives at Sirens lake, but a ring opened up today sucking up the water, I can't reliably take care of Itb but thats where you come In. To get rid of the ring you have to cover It fully. Can you help me?"

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