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Stories from Farm SilverSun [Casual Story]

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I call this "casual" because I am not trying to make an epic story. I just want to have fun. Stories from Farm SilverMoon is about my PokeFarm Q Pokemon. I plan on making the stories short, but I wouldn't mind making longer stories in the future (if I feel like it.) _____________ STORY 1 Setting: Party Characters: Durro (Rowlet) m Ginger (Cottonee) m Sallyanne (Illumise) f Tigress (Glameow) f Cody (Teddiursa) m Egg (???) _____________ *Four Pokemon circle around a white egg, they watch it in anticipation. 
 Sallyanne: Who wants to guess what’s inside?  
 Ginger: I could give it a go… Maybe it’s a Snover.  
 Sallyanne: Or maybe a Silcoon?  
 Tigress: I don’t think that can hatch from an egg… 
 Sallyanne: Oh... Are you gonna guess something, Tigress?  
 *Tigress thought for a moment, but they were interrupted by a sudden gasp from Cody. And the egg began to wobble and crack. A brilliant light shone from the inside, and there it was, a Nincada.  
 *The small group cheered kindly, it made the Nincada embarrassed. That was when Durro heard the noise and he made his way over.  
 Durro: Finally, that took ages!  
 Durro: Welcome to the team, you! I am Durro, the leader. These are my… supporters!  
 *The other four didn’t say much, but they felt a sting of objection inside them.  
 Nincada: What’s my name?  
 Tigress: You can choose your own name if you’d like. 
 Nincada: But I don’t know what to name myself.  
 Durro: Then you can be Bugbite. Because you’re a bug… and maybe you bite.  
 *The young Nincada shook his head.  Nincada: I’d never bite. That would be rude… 
 Durro: Well we don’t have all day.  
 Ginger: Don’t push him, Durro. He’ll give himself a name when he’s ready.  
 Durro: Fine, fine.  
 *Time passed, and the Nincada still couldn’t find a name for himself, but he really wanted one. The others tried helping him out, but he just couldn’t decide. Durro was getting noticeably annoyed. 
 Durro: Okay. Until you can give yourself a name, you can hang in Field 1 with Lucene.  
 Nincada: But… 
 Durro: No “buts”, just go. I’m the leader.  
 Ginger: Durro, he can do what he wants!   
 Sallyanne: Well okay, Durro. If he’s going in Field 1, then I am too! Come on, Nincada. Let’s go! Hmph!  
 *So Sallyanne and Nincada joined Lucene in Field 1. There was silence in the group. Durro could feel their displeasure. He tried ignoring it, but he couldn’t help feeling bothered. He left, abruptly. ______________________________________________

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