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I don't think there are any other threads like these but lmk if there is! Basically, what annoys you on PFQ? Some examples are you being annoyed at how hard it is to hatch a melan, or when new users ask for nft stuff? how expensive doug's 5% fee is? that last one is definitely me xD
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Ooh! I have one :) so basically, imagine this You see its sei day + niet day + shazi day You get excited and use every single boost available :D guess what? you got only 2 albinos yeah Im still not happy with that


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Yeah that would be a nightmare but knowing my luck at hatching shinies it has very high chances of happening. In fact it actully happened sei day+shazi+uber+long chain boost and I stil could not haatch a shiny that day. Ik shinies are harder to get than albinos and I dont use boosts too often(bought an uber just once to see if it makes a difference. It kinda did but not by much tbh) but stil I just wanted a shiny lol. Luckily there is an easier way to get them and that is buying them.I dont have shiny luck but I have money lol.
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One of my pet peeves about pokefarm is that prices for everything summon items items pokemon Relics arent set. the prices and values constantly change and evolve so to speak. sometimes I just wish everything was black and white. for example melan equals "this" shiny equals "this" summon equals "this" with this being a consistent price or value that doesn't change.
Use Z-Crystals..... You get 0 albinos..... No Boosters...... Albino..... Why....?
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Something that really annoys me is that when I open boxes, I have these periods where I only find good stuff. Then right after, I only get bad things. s a l l y a r e y o u m e s s i n g w i t h m e o r w h a t
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The thing that just gets me is when I'm trying to get pokerus and I will click all day, not getting the pokerus but whenever I'm not trying or when I log out I get it like seriously.
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Not getting shinies with max chain AND sei day!!
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Well, as a newish player, the one thing I've noticed so far about PFQ is the search functions, I've herd about Wondertrading and have no idea where to find that. I kinda hope they make finding different areas a little easier in the future.
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can’t even hatch more than 1 special in a 205+ chain
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