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Glacier Lake Camp

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They continue wading into the water, albeit slowly and with cautious hesitance. They keep close eye on the environment, but seem determined to investigate the other pokemon in the lake. They're very careful to keep their stick above the water, but don't seem too pleased by the water in general. They're closer now.
Frigg noticed Flopsy retreat under the water and barked. Odin started to get out of the water and run and jump in again. He was loving this! Thor noticed the other Pokemon wading in the water, the Delphox, but it was different. He got out of the water and shook his fur going into "Dad Protective Mode". He started to trot over to the Delphox. Jackie noticed Thor get out of the water and looked into the direction he was headed. Was that a pink Delphox? She took out her phone and took a picture. She was going to see how the Pokemon reacted to each other before intervining. However, she was a tad worried when the Delphox waded into the water, she didn't want it to hurt itself.
The delphox quickly stumbles back away from Thor, seemingly in a rush to get away. They clamored back to the lake shore, moving back towards the treeline. The still dry fur on their back stands on end, and they seem generally rather agitated by their approach. They hold their stick near their chest as a sorta 'hey stay away from me i have a weapon' sort of gesture. For now though, they sit rigid still.

Pages: 12345

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