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Glacier Lake Camp

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Welcome to Glacier Lake Camp, a relaxing, camping RP. Check out the setup if you're interested in joining. If there are any camp activities you'd like to be organized, send me a pm and let's make it happen!
Phaedra ambled over to the camp office, first thing in the morning. She hadn't even had coffee yet, but that wasn't the end of the world; the office coffee machine was much faster than her boiling the kettle on her camping stove. She unlocked the door, turned on the neon "open" sign, and put out the walkie-talkies for guest use, the other one on her hip, of course. She turned on the coffee machine, and let it run while she booted up the ancient computer. She looked over at a loud squeaky whine in the doorway. "You're not allowed in here, Flopsy, you know that," she told her buizel in the doorway, wiggling with excitement. She poured the hot coffee into her travel mug and sipped it while convincing the computer to print off an updated weather forcast. Warm and sunny with a chance of showers, every day for the next week, just like it had said for the past couple days, but she still had to keep it updated. She grabbed the printed sheed and took it outside, shutting the door behind her, and attached it to the covered bulletin board with a thumbtack, covering the one from yesterday. "Alright, let's go see who showed up during the night." The words were barely out her mouth before Flopsy was jumping with joy around her feet as she tried to walk. She sighed with relief when Cleo, her houndoom, joined them on the main road around the campsite and Flopsy gave up on trying to play with her shoelaces to play with Cleo instead.

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