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Need help with Pokemon forms

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HavokG's AvatarHavokG
HavokG's Avatar
Okay so I was checking my Pokedex and it said Aegislash was at 50%- how do I swap them to the Shield Forme?!
LilypadLife's AvatarLilypadLife
LilypadLife's Avatar
You need the Forme-Changer “King’s Shield” and give it to Aegislash. I can lend you one for the dex, but please remember to return it if you do want to borrow ^^
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Thank you for all the continued support, I appreciate it :)
I collect Normal-Type Deltas since I love Normals ! I also collect Special Deltas (shiny deltas and albino deltas) depending if I have the money! Collecting Delta Azurills, Marills, and Azumarills :3 Collecting Gracidea Seeds !
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HavokG's AvatarHavokG
HavokG's Avatar
Oh really?! That would help out a lot, thanks!!

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