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🌊 Team Hydro Vortex (Water) 🌊 January 2022

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QUOTE originally posted by Ice Queen

QUOTE originally posted by dãwÑ wïÑGs

still no phione egg after my days of inactivity
Are you breeding them in the daycare? If that's the case you have to be active to click to get the eggs
yes double post was accidental
KitsukiFire's AvatarKitsukiFire
KitsukiFire's Avatar
You have to click to get eggs
Refer me on Dappervolk! (Kitsuki) Unlocking 3s forest helps me out SO much ♡
Lopp-Bunneary's AvatarLopp-Bunneary
Lopp-Bunneary's Avatar
So close to hitting the Community Goal! *o*
You hear the screeching of an owl, you hear the wind begin to howl, you know there's zombies on the prowl And IT'S TERROR TIME AGAIN They got you running through the night, yes IT'S TERROR TIME AGAIN Oh you just might dead of fright it's a terrifying time. >:3 Avatar made by StarscreamsGirl. Check out her shop x3
QuirkyRabbit's AvatarQuirkyRabbit
QuirkyRabbit's Avatar
We can definitely hit it if we just push a little harder ;) It's a Saturday and the American continent hasn't woken up yet (well most of them) so hopefully we'll get the boost we need to hit that sweet 100k :D
trade shop ☆ boxes charms s/a/m/d and more!
art shop ☆ pixel art banners signs and more!
she/her avatar and signature pixel art by me
Toxel's AvatarToxel
Toxel's Avatar
I've finished hatching so pm to take one of these!
Journal avatar: screenshot of toxtricity's ingame model edited by me
KitsukiFire's AvatarKitsukiFire
KitsukiFire's Avatar
97% to the team goal, we'll definitely hit it! Let's gooo!
Starblaze's AvatarStarblaze
Starblaze's Avatar
Congrats everyone, we hit the Team goal!!!
Team : 1770 1,540
Sharpy's AvatarSharpy
Sharpy's Avatar
Woo hoo! Even if we didn't take top place, it was a very good run this month! I'm proud of all of you and hope to be on the same team next month too. ^^
82/100 until Lugia Hunt!
This lovely banner was created for me and my art shop by the amazing Bøssfiight! My profile picture is from my own hands.
Lopp-Bunneary's AvatarLopp-Bunneary
Lopp-Bunneary's Avatar
YAY! We did it! It happened! XD X3 Actually, when was the last time the Community Goal was met?
Ice Queen's AvatarIce Queen
Ice Queen's Avatar
4th place isn't that bad, I'll be on team fire next month! It'll definitely be funny if it starts on Valentine's Day
credit: GnarleyQuinn

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