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Stripe vs. Paypal: What do you use, and why?

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Raiden Shogun's AvatarRaiden Shogun
Raiden Shogun's Avatar
I'm planning to buy Zophan Canisters soon, but I noticed that PokéFarm uses Stripe as its main payment method. Players, is Stripe worth using over Paypal? Paypal is all I've known, along with some local payment methods. Do players buy Zophan with it in Trade threads? What's the fee for using Stripe? Feel free to provide arguments on why you think either of them is better than the other!
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Niet's AvatarNiet
Niet's Avatar
As the developer who made the decision to prioritise Stripe over PayPal, here's my reasoning. Stripe is cheaper and easier. That is all. ... Okay there is slightly more to it. Stripe has better integration meaning payments get processed faster (PayPal may randomly decide to screen your payment, which withholds it for up to 48 hours; alternatively it may let you use an eCheck without you knowing, which takes a full week to clear!) and more reliably. Stripe allows me to set prices for each currency independently, which means I can set the exchange rate to be as close to exact as possible, meaning cheaper payments for you. However, Stripe requires an actual credit/debit card, whereas PayPal lets you have an account with them to transfer money around without a bank backing it. For this reason gift cards generally don't work with Stripe because they typically don't allow international payments, whereas PayPal can act as a middleman to make it work.
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Chaoman12345's AvatarChaoman12345
Chaoman12345's Avatar
I’ll just chime in quickly here as well - in the past, I only used PayPal for ZC. I only recently realized Stripe was actually cheaper (I’m Canadian and the exchange rate was better when using Stripe). PayPal is a decent alternative if you aren’t able to use Stripe, but overall I would say Stripe gives you a better deal (and as Niet posted above, is also a bit easier on the game devs)
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Raiden Shogun's AvatarRaiden Shogun
Raiden Shogun's Avatar
I've checked Stripe out, and let me say... I either can't use it, or I don't know how to use it. Or both, really. It's... incredibly inaccessible to me. I don't have a credit card, only a debit card with an IBAN. And the PokéFarm payment terminal prompts me to use a credit card. I made a Stripe account to check if I could bypass this in any way, but the interface is completely designed for people with businesses, rather than laymen like me. PayPal also prompts me to use a credit card, but at the very least I can top up my PayPal wallet with my debit card and then ask around for Zophan in the Trade subforum. For this reason alone, PayPal continues to be the better — and only — option for me. Am I doing something wrong? What am I doing wrong?

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