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Unusual Pokemon you're attached to!

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Cometily's AvatarCometily
Cometily's Avatar
I fell inlove with him after I got him in MCW, I just love the colors :0 I <3 Espeon, especially the Mega Q Forme

My shop!

avatar credits to:PotatoLord on Picrew


AlexGrey's AvatarAlexGrey
AlexGrey's Avatar
*tries to keep all pokemon max happy and nicely displayed in fields* definitely not the only one. i feel bad trading away all the 20+ alolan vulpixes i've hatched in fear they will just get mistreated/released for not being shiny :(((( (i mean i guess pokemon being out in the wild is good and all but i don't think i'm in alola.... releasing invasive species?? i'm thinking too far into it) also searene gives me amazing vibes along with glameow just bc of how in base games as a kid i'd have one in my party even if they weren't there to fight, just to look pretty xd sucker for the cat mons ..so long winded oof sry ;-;
Cat Player's AvatarCat Player
Cat Player's Avatar
This lil guy I am attached to!
Image credit: Paper Mario
Noise's AvatarNoise
Noise's Avatar
Was fishing..has good stats. Both went through many wonder trades before making it to safety. Ah yes. My lvl 1 Vileplume that I leveled to lvl 100...twice.
art pfp by the Pokémon Anime
Skipp's AvatarSkipp
Skipp's Avatar
the newest member of my favorites. not superbly unsual. but... not S/A/M.
Avatar is by me; Pokemon versions of two of my OCs.
Cat Player's AvatarCat Player
Cat Player's Avatar
This guy. https://pokefarm.com/summary/2-7Sm I accidentally released him, if you see him in the shelter please tell me.

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