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Unusual Pokemon you're attached to!

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i'm not the only one superattached to normal pokemon, right? thought i'd make a thread for for sharing them! This one is mainly because my brother spent my ZC on a costume for him and how he got returned when i released him on accident. delta's are.. fine but generally keep s/a/m out!! exceptions can be made, though :)
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i'm personally a fan of my 40 gorebyss in my field named "worms off the string. what crimes will they commit".
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I sometimes get nicknamed Pokemon in trades or wonder trades that I really like. :3 Here's a couple:
love the field name and that little Beautifly story. I have a nicknamed pokemon i found in the shelter and just kept for some reason lol (for reference - yui and jamie got named after i adopted them) so happy this threads bust;ing already!
Eggy's AvatarEggy
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This Calyrex is a pretty regular legendary for me but I love him. He reminds me of a cartoon character that I also really like, so I named the Calyrex after him (Tootgumble from Bottersnikes & Gumbles for context). Plus he's male and has the Careful nature which reminds me of the aforementioned character even more (he's most certainly a careful one!). He's mine forever :)
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Alphonse the Aggron has recently become one of my main party members when I'm not melan hunting ^w^
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for some reason there was this 100lvl reuniclus that i adopted from the shelter and i absolutely LOVED her. You can check her description and you'll see my love for her, i also have this little cutie mew and i adored her too! its not often i'm fond of pokemon that are not shiny, albino, delta, special delta, or cs, but these two were special exceptions!
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Ice Queen's AvatarIce Queen
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I'm super attached to this one because he happens to be named after my favorite Teen Wolf character
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FloydLeech's AvatarFloydLeech
FloydLeech's Avatar
This guy got released to the shelter on accident when i was on team fighting back in May, i was releasing a bunch of riolu i just evolved for my wishforge and i accidentally released luca, who was breeding a bunch of eggs for me and my team. I was really upset and asked my team for a replacement, and someone kindly provided one, but a few hours later the same person who gave me a replacement found him in the shelter and returned him!!!!! I was so happy, so I'm really attached to the dude now
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