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link to sign up -> https://pfq.link/~Lrz8 charectors in rp thus far: Nalu Fluffy Atlas Erl _________________________________________________________ once upon a time, there was a evil group of people who were ingecting human DNA into the eggs of pokemon. one day, garthic and niet found this company and raided it. during the radi, the whole structure came chrashing down. sei and her team of noses were sent in to locate eggs, and onepokemon baby was found. it was given to shazi to raise. niet and garthic are still investigating the rubble. who knows how many survivors have been trapped in the rubble. UPDATE!: after searching for a few hours, a second egg is found and given to shazi. a third egg was later found and given to shazi. eleven years later... ____________________________________________________ you may now wright your own stories. this post shall be edited as the story progresses
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Nalu stared at herself in the mirror. "this is it. your gonna get your own pokemon and set out on your journey today." she tells herself. she walks downstairs, grabs the bag of dognuts (one for nalu, one for fluffy, and two for atlas) and walks out the door to see Fluffy waiting for her. they walk down maine street twoards where Atlas and Erl lived, whne nalu relized she forgot dougnuts for Erl.
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Erl biked out of his house at astonishing speed, before realizing that something was supposed to happen today. He attempted to turn around, but instead hit a telephone pole. Feeling crushed, he headed back home and looked in the calendar: "friend thing today" He grabbed an air pump and duct tape, then went back to his bike, and rode up main street. "Hmm, wonder where Nalu is, hope she didn't forget!"
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Fluffy smiled, hands in her pockets as she walked down the street. she wondered what pokemon she would want...
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