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This is less of a fanfiction, but more of an actual event turned into a story. I dunno if this is allowed here but I'm posting it in as much of a story telling fashion as I can. A bright-eyed trainer had been searching through the thick leafage throughout expanse of Eterna Forest, located in the beautiful Sinnoh Region. This trainer's name, was SM998. Grass Patch after grass patch he searched, until finally... jackpot! That small cute brown body, with creamy yellow fluff in places, the long, brown ears with cute little fluffballs at the tip, and that curious, bubbly disposition... This was what SM998 had been looking for. A Buneary. A wild Buneary had finally graced him with her presence. Wasting no time, the trainer made his capture, and as he succeeded... A friendship that would span years began. He decided to give the lagomorphic Pokemon "Wabbit". SM998 and Wabbit went everywhere together, throughout the vastness of the Sinnoh Region, becoming extremely close friends. SM998 was truly proud of how strong his little Buneary was becoming... And then, something truly magical happened. After a fierce battle with Maylene, the Gym Leader of Veilstone City, the Buneary began to glow and transform... Her body took a more humanoid form. Her ears began to grow even longer and fold over, and as the glow faded, Wabbit was no longer a Buneary. Wabbit was a Lopunny. Together, SM998 and Wabbit continued their adventure through the Sinnoh region, continually growing stronger... And as time went on, SM998 sought a new challenge... But that challenge came with consequence. In order to visit Unova, he had to part with Wabbit for a while, at least, until everything was approved by the Unovan Pokemon League. And so they journeyed, now through different regions, first Unova, then Kalos, where they learned of an ancient power known as Mega Evolution. After a journey through Hoenn, an item they had desperately sought, since they first heard of it, came into their posession. A lopunnite. But, as they say, all good things someday, must come to an end. During SM998's adventures with Wabbit, that amazing Lopunny that had now become the most Powerful Pokemon he had ever owned, the most reliable to get him out of a tough spot, through the beautiful island chain region of Alola... But mention of that region, now brings a tear to SM998's eye. The trainer had been battling and was losing to the craziest-looking creature they had ever seen, it was beyond anything they'd ever seen before... With limbs that could be mistaken for cables, and a head that looked like a spiky christmas star, it was firing off electrical attacks... and just as he was about to send out his Ace-In-The-Hole, his best friend... a rogue bolt of electricity struck the ball, disabling it permanently, with the Lopunny inside. Wabbit... was lost. Forever. SM998 these days has moved back to his home, in Sinnoh. It's been 11 years since he left Sinnoh as that adventurous, excited young man... But he is not the same. The bright-eyed light in his eyes has dwindled. He doesn't go out with his other Pokemon... In fact, he released most of them and hung up his hat as a Pokemon Trainer. The only ones he kept were his Zigzagoon and Butterfree. Outside that little house, in the garden, there lay a small gravestone, with the Lopunnite embedded within. He sits in front of that grave quite often. His heart, was broken. There was nothing that could ever truly fix what had happened to him. There was no way he could ever feel joy in his life again, without his best and closest friend of 12 years beside him. This is the cold reality of the Pokemon World. Some People value Pokemon as people, others take them for granted and only use them for their power. Wabbit was not strong because of her battling experience. She was strong because of her close bond with her trainer. This is a little story dedicated to Wabbit, an actual Pokemon that I had from generation 4 all the way through to generation 7, when a faulty game card I had suffered save data corruption, which took her from me. I'm still upset about it, 3 years on. I no longer can physically look when I have to battle a Buneary or Lopunny, and I've never caught a single one of either since. I've never told anyone why I never really look at Pokemon the same any more, but now all of you know. If you've suffered loss like this from Pokemon, I invite you to share it in a reply. Thank you to anyone who took the time to read this. It was difficult to write. A lot of emotion was hindering me.

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