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pokeradar + collection

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Turtle cheese's AvatarTurtle cheese
Turtle cheese's Avatar
I have 8 pokeradar+ I do not know why I do not know what to do with them Does anyone have suggestions?
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Glacegoss's AvatarGlacegoss
Glacegoss's Avatar
You can give them to other users who don't have them, sell them to other users, sell them on the market or just sell them from your inventory. They sell for 125,000 from your inventory while people sell to other users for anywhere from 100,000 to 150,000 If you don't feel like giving them away or selling them in some manor, you can just use them as decoration for your pokemon to hold but that's pretty much it. Radars currently don't expire after X amount of time or anything (Just the reacharge of them), so there's not many other options. Could start a radar collection for fun just to see how many you can get before you get bored of it?
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