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How could I gain experience or level faster?

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LudwigTails's AvatarLudwigTails
LudwigTails's Avatar
as the title said. is there anyways i could gain experince or level for a pokemon faster?
Tarashia's AvatarTarashia
Tarashia's Avatar
The best way to level up, especially higher level Pokemon, is to have them in your party and then click other users' parties so they click you back. When Pokemon are very low leveled, the daycare and exp share are also effective, but those fall off pretty fast once each additional level needs so much exp. (Clicking exp seems to scale with level, while daycare and exp share does not) People may also click your fields, especially if they're sorted, but in my experience this is super slow. But it lets you level a larger number, so people do this for the wishforge.
Donder5's AvatarDonder5
Donder5's Avatar
You can even keep the pokemon you want to level in your party and daycare at the same time, this gives quite a bit of exp during the course of a day. Works even better if it's a good v-wave or a Niet-bonus day.
LudwigTails's AvatarLudwigTails
LudwigTails's Avatar
oh i see

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