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Co-owned shops and shops

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If someone that didn't have a shop yet started a co-owned shop, and then wanted to have an independent shop by themselves, is this ok? EDIT: if both people who want to be co-owners already have personal shops, is this still fine? can other people create shop threads for others if that other person is not actually going to join in themselves?
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QUOTE originally posted by Trade rules

14. You may not own more than ONE Trade Shop.

You may not be the creator of more than one thread in the Trade Shop subforum. There is a brief period of overlap (one week) allowed when creating a new Trade Shop while intending to delete the old one, in order to inform the old shop's customers. Lock the old Trade Shop thread while creating the new thread. Note: You may co-own as many Trade Shops as you can handle. If you have already created a Trade Shop, these co-owned Trade Shops must be created by your partner, not by yourself.
So the answer would be no in this case, as you can only have one thread created by you, whether it's a solo or group shop. RE: EDIT: I can't say for sure obviously since I'm not staff but I don't think I'd recommend that as it looks like you're trying to circumvent rules that way? I think sometimes shop co-owners go on hiatus etc but to kind of plan the thread creator to not be a member just seems odd to me.

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