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Type Race and Shiny Chains?

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greenookie's Avatargreenookie
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Hello! So I know that Type Race eggs that match your team's type don't break your shiny chain, but what if you start chaining eggs of the proper type? :Oc Would that override your existing chain or would that not break it/not be technically considered a chain in some way? ^^;; For example: I'm currently doing an Igglybuff hunt, but if I were to start hatching Ekans eggs, would that break or override my current chain?
Gilded's AvatarGilded
Gilded's Avatar
You wouldn't be able to start a new chain unless you used a PR stick on your Iggly chain or hatched a non-Iggly, non-poison egg ^^
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greenookie's Avatargreenookie
greenookie's Avatar
Ah, alrighty dighty, I was wondering if that'd be the case! Thank you for answering, I greatly appreciate it!! ^v^
Im pretty sure you can have one of your pokemon hold the pokeradar item to break a chain as well, if you at some point wanted to break it
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