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smol art shack !! ✨ ( open ! )

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AdriPokefarm's AvatarAdriPokefarm
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welcome !
take a seat , and relax as i walk you through uwu
i am not good at coding , so this may not be the easiest to go through , but I’ve done my best !

rules ᕙ(^▿^-ᕙ)

1. All my art should be given credit to me if shared anywhere else ! 2. each order is meant for the orderer's use only 3. do not remove or edit out the small watermark on each commission ! 4. either half upfront payment or full payment after i'm done is fine ! just specify that please ! 5. do not claim my art as yours, or anyone elses' ! 6. for currency, i go by the 5k --> 5 --> 1 ratio ! 7. i have the right to decline requests if i feel i cannot do them ! 8. mixed payment is completely fine ! just keep in mind the equivalent amount 9. visual reference only please ! will not work on only descriptions ! 10. allowing max 1 change if you aren’t happy with the result ! (if you really don’t like it , i’m very sorry to hear that , and please tell me about it ;u; ) 11. do not modify anything without my permission ! 12. do not resell my art ! if it is an adopt , you can resell the character but do not sell it for higher than i sold it to you ! 13. multiple characters in an artpiece is fine , but the price will be doubled ! 14.PFQ rules apply (so I’m not drawing anything against it ! ), and don't forget these ones for my shop as well >w< it seems you've read the rules ! you can now continue to the next part of my shack !

alt payments

this reminds me ... what items did i need ? oh ! i need a few actually ! if you've got any of these, you can use them as payment ! here's the list... valued at 110 zc / equiv ! valued at 110 zc / equiv ! valued at 150 zc / equiv ! valued at 200 zc / equiv ! (and z-crystal) valued at 120 zc / equiv ! accepting any melans at DP price ! (Most likely if you have many orders a a time !


examples and prices - post 2 adopts - post 3 more info - post 4
if you want to PM me for questions , feel free to ! i don't mind ;u; but for orders , please post in the shop !
My trio art shop! Check it out~!!
AdriPokefarm's AvatarAdriPokefarm
AdriPokefarm's Avatar
examples + prices prices and examples are listed on this post ! prices may increase / decrease at any moment ;u; i take all in - game currency , as i don't use / have paypal ;u;

busts , headshots

lineart , uncolored

these cost 500,000 , 500 or 100 ! (if i were to price these irl it would be 1 USD !) Inumaki belongs to Jujutsu Kaisen ! art by me >w<

colored , shading

basic shading costs 2,500,000 ,2,500 or 500 ! (irl price would be 5 USD !) scene shading costs 3,500,000 , 3,500 or 700 ! (irl price would be 7 USD ! ) Inumaki belongs to Jujutsu Kaisen , Rody Soul belongs to My Hero Academia ! art by me >w<

derpy fullbody doodles !

these derpy friendos cost 750,000 , 750 or 150 ! (irl price would be 1.5 USD )

normal colored

these derps are colored normally off base colors ! >u< Bakugo belongs to My Hero Academia ! <33 (art by me ! )

single colored

these are colored based on 1 color of your choice ! (please provide the color name , or hex code ! (eg. #000000 is black !) Bakugo , Todoroki , Midoriya , Kaminari , Kirishima and Tamaki belong to My Hero Academia ! Kageyama belongs to Haikyuu ! (art by me ! )
as i am very busy with stuff irl , i think i can only manage to complete these 2 types for the time being , i don't want to disappoint people who expect them done within a few days ;u; and if any of you remember me from my last shop (:DDDD) , you’d know i have doodle icons ! I plan on opening them soon , still trying to develop the style on that xP
AdriPokefarm's AvatarAdriPokefarm
AdriPokefarm's Avatar
adopts !
none atm ! will add when they are made !
AdriPokefarm's AvatarAdriPokefarm
AdriPokefarm's Avatar
forms and other info
this post stays by with forms needed to use , and some (maybe) helpful information before ordering !


if you happen to think about ordering , take a look at these forms ! I will show you what to add , and provide a copy + paste form to use ! >u<

the form !

I only have orders for normal commissions so this is the default form to use ! Name: Type of drawing: Character reference: Payment: PM or shop: May adri use your order as an example ? : Any other details ? :

how to use the form !

Name: insert your username here ! Type of drawing: name what kind you'd like , choices on second post ! Character reference: place a picture or a link to a picture (or your toyhouse if you have it ) Payment: state your kind of payment , whether cr , gp , zc , or items , and state the amount ! PM or shop: should adri pm you the finished result or post in the shop? Answer with either pm or shop ! May adri use your order as an example? : basically using your finished commission as an example , can say yes or no ;u; Any other details ? : if you have any, provide details for your commission! pose, emotion, etc.

more information

here's some important info you might need ! be sure to read it first ! >3<

Do's and Don'ts

I will : draw humans, pokemon, OCs (we'll have to see if i'm able to draw your oc first ! ), pokesonas, PFQ fakemon (credited ofc !), animals and anime characters. I won't : draw detailed dragons, detailed pokemon , anything against PFQ's rules . (i might declince an order if it seems too detailed for me to draw , but don't be shy to ask ! )

current status

I have online classes so it might take time for your order to be completed ! if it's over a month since the previous commission has been done , or since you ordered, feel free to notify me and ask for the current state of your order !

what do i use ?

if you're wondering what app i use , it's Procreate ! if you have any other questions , feel free to PM me ❤️ pms always open !


Slots - - -
AdriPokefarm's AvatarAdriPokefarm
AdriPokefarm's Avatar
reserved !
syre's Avatarsyre
syre's Avatar
Your style is super cute! Especially Inumaki aaa :D Name: syre Type of drawing: Coloured basic shading! Character reference: Corde! She's a Whirlipede gijinka! Payment: 2500GP I dont mind paying half upfront if you'd prefer? PM or shop: shop is fine! May adri use your order as an example ? : Of course! Any other details ? : Thank you so much <3
Avatar by MochaFox+ Banner by Angelatos + sig by Obstagoon <3
AdriPokefarm's AvatarAdriPokefarm
AdriPokefarm's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by syre

Your style is super cute! Especially Inumaki aaa :D Name: syre Type of drawing: Coloured basic shading! Character reference: Corde! She's a Whirlipede gijinka! Payment: 2500GP I dont mind paying half upfront if you'd prefer? PM or shop: shop is fine! May adri use your order as an example ? : Of course! Any other details ? : Thank you so much <3
lol ty !! and omg :o that is such a cool character !! if you will , you can send half payment now !! I'll finish up a com i got somewhere else , then i'll get working on yours ! Thank you for being the first customer !! <33
AdriPokefarm's AvatarAdriPokefarm
AdriPokefarm's Avatar

@syre - your order is finished !

hope you like her, i had a lot of fun while doing it ! (if the image file has any problem lmk !) and feel free to send over the rest of the payment ! tysm <3
AdriPokefarm's AvatarAdriPokefarm
AdriPokefarm's Avatar
bump !
Avacyn's AvatarAvacyn
Avacyn's Avatar
Name: Avacyn Type of drawing: Scene shading Character reference: Pida Payment: 700 Zc PM or shop: DM, please! May adri use your order as an example ? : Of course nwn Any other details ? : He usually won't smile, so a serious or angry expression would suit better. Should I go ahead and send the first half already? <3
Check Svetty's and Lawless' shop! uwu

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