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Abyssal's AvatarAbyssal
Abyssal's Avatar
trash fields are back at max, no limits because I have a ton of pokes in restocks for them provide links using url command
WillExis's AvatarWillExis
WillExis's Avatar
piggleston's Avatarpiggleston
piggleston's Avatar
Buríal's AvatarBuríal
Buríal's Avatar
Can I please grab this Conkeldurr, this Charjabug and this Throh? Thanks!
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can i snag this Solynx? https://pokefarm.com/summary/z0ZB
catnbee's Avatarcatnbee
catnbee's Avatar
could i get this solynx please?
Abyssal's AvatarAbyssal
Abyssal's Avatar
Aonix you did not provide the link so I have no idea which

QUOTE originally posted by AonixExpressive

can i snag this Solynx? https://pokefarm.com/summary/z0ZB
sorry about that, the url insert was acting funky!
inkmonkun's Avatarinkmonkun
inkmonkun's Avatar
could i grab this lucario? thanks so much!
i have free fields! pfp made by me

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