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Lvcipher's AvatarLvcipher
Lvcipher's Avatar
Helloooo So, just for fun I want to mass breed and create the strongest possible Dunsparce's, but one tiny problem with that I don't know how anything about genetics or whatever, Like I get you gotta breed one that lacks in a space but is stronger in a different space with one of opposite until its both good but like, I don't get the whole "99%" or whatever. like man I like pokemon but I'm also stupid so anything stratagy wise is kinda out of my ball park... But I am more than willing to learn, I thrive for knowledge But yeah Any and all tips and explanations are welcomed and appreciated :>
Gilded's AvatarGilded
Gilded's Avatar
I believe you're mostly talking about IVs here? I can't help much with those but the "99%" stuff you're referring to has nothing to do with that, it just refers to how compatible two pokemon are with each other! You can read more about that specific aspect here
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Lvcipher's AvatarLvcipher
Lvcipher's Avatar
oooOOOOOHHHHH thank you so much, that makes sense lol But yeah I know you can imporove EV's but I'm pretty sure that can't transfer into their childs IV but yeah, I'm trying to get a strong one Thank you again, that clears up so much lol
Tarashia's AvatarTarashia
Tarashia's Avatar
IVs are passed down from parents while breeding. By default, 3 IVs are randomly passed down from either parent. If you make one of the parents hold a destiny knot, that's increased to 5. So if you had one Dunsparce with perfect attack and one with perfect defense, if you breed them together you should eventually get a child with both perfect attack and defense. Then you could breed that to one with perfect speed, and so on. Eggs from the lab and supplier have fully randomized stats. If you have a preference on nature, you can also select for that by having a parent with the desired nature hold an everstone.

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