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Releasing daycare eggs into shelter

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Hello, with the current tournament, I've been paying attention to where the eggs I'm adopting from the shelter are coming from. The problem is, I havent found any of my own eggs. I am releasing daycare eggs as soon as they generate, and as far as I can tell, only 1 other person is mass producing finneon eggs. Should I not be manually releasing eggs/should I be waiting for them to passively release in 48h? Are there just so many finneon eggs in the shelter not made by me, and I just need to search harder? Is there a delay between manually releasing daycare eggs and when they appear in the shelter? Do a % of regular (non-varient/exclusive) eggs get deleted rather than released into the shelter? Thanks Edit- while searching the shelter, I'm pretty sure I keep seeing the same finneon egg (based on the time generated), and until I pick it up, I won't see a different egg
Leacky's AvatarLeacky
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There's a small delay since Eggs are only added to the Shelter every 15 minutes at xx:04, xx:19, xx:34 and xx:49. Second, there's a hidden boost to force your chained Egg to appear when you have a long enough chain. But the way it works is that Sally takes the first Egg of the Pokemon you're hunting she can find in the Shelter database and then she keeps showing it to you and unless you find a Finneon Egg randomly (outside of the boost) you won't be able to find your own Eggs (unless somebody adopts the forced Egg and the next one Sally shows to you may then be one that was bred by you) Edit: so the only tip I can really give you is to breed more Eggs, unfortunately.
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Ok thank you for the explanation!! I was wondering if the shelter pity was involved here.
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The more eggs you breed, the more of your eggs there will be and the higher chance you have to find YOUR eggs, just naturally. So click and store up eggs, release them ~100 or more at a time.
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