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i'm so stupid.

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go to recharge my albino radar. i got a dragonium z from the type race. "once i get my first albino with this, i'll sell it and buy a buginium z!" "you have no items of this type." go to my inventory, it's gone. i didn't realise z crystals were a one time use. go to market to buy another. 700k credits. didn't even get an albino from it. let me just cry now.
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Yes all Z crystals are a one time use and last from the time you use them until reset! The only way to get new ones is trading with other players (or in their shops), buying on marketplace or getting crystals/fragments from Type race. They give you increased chances of hatching an albino pokemon of the type that matches the crystal, i'd suggest making sure you have a pretty decent shiny chain before using a Z crystal to improve the odds of getting an albino you'd like, though they can work on random eggs hatched too (if those eggs are the same type, anyways). You'll get more fragments/another crystal from type race next month (unless you just buy one from someone), if you try buying a cheaper crystal you may be able to find someone who will swap a buginium with you, but there's no garuntee. Either way you don't need a crystal to get an albino pokemon, it just increases the odds. If you charge your albino radar to level 6 or 7 you're bound to get an albino eventually. (also i'm not too sure why this is in discussion? unless you posted this in hopes of someone giving you a response that could help, idk.)
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I am pretty sure you are not stupid. We all make mistakes I have a sorted field system and from time to time I have put my pokemon in the wrong field. We are human so sometimes we make mistakes. The only thing that happens is that we learn from them.
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