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After Dusk

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WIP I was bored, so I made this. Expect frequent updates. Feel free to PM me with any constructive criticism.


Siren - Species: Dewott - Pronouns: She/Her - After the prologue, Siren wears a locket on which hangs yellow, clam-shaped charm. - Voice Claim(s): Blaze The Cat from Sonic The Hedgehog; Amity Blight from The Owl House Banshee - Species: Weavile - Pronouns: She/Her - Voice Claim(s): Doja Cat Igor - Species: Arbok - Pronouns: He/Him or It/Its - Voice Claim(s): Emperor Belos from The Owl House


Twilight - Species: Umbreon - Pronouns: Xe/Xir - Voice Claim(s): TBD Serpent - Species: Mienshao - Pronouns: She/Her - Voice Claim(s): TBD
Dreamily watching a moonlight-swept city street, a Weavile stared into the night from her seat by a window. Her interested eyes followed a ghost-like figure far below her apartment as it disappeared into an alleyway... "Ah, Banshee. May I ask what you're doing up so late?" a groggy voice sounded behind the Weavile, making her jump. Banshee spun around to see an Arbok, to whom the aformentioned voice belonged. "Nothin'," Banshee peeped, quickly drawing the drapes. "But if you must know," she continued calmly before the Arbok, apparently named Igor, could reply, "I'd heard a noise, so I looked out to be sure there were no intruders out." "And were there any?" Igor pressed on. "Any what?" "Any intruders," Igor prompted snappishly. "Oh, yeah! Walked right past our building," Banshee sniffed. "Some patrol we've got, huh?" Igor looked away noncommittally. "Describe these intruders for me, and I'll see to it that they're at your feet by morning." "Well, there was only one. A Dewott, I think," Banshee mused. Igor tilted his head. "No humans?" "For all we know, it could be a spy for the humans." Banshee grimmaced. "It's worth looking into, at least. We shouldn't take risks when in the middle of a war, you know," she added. "A Pokémon working for humans and against its own kind?" Igor sniffed and looked to the ceiling. "Sounds a bit outlandish, don't you think?" "And just when I was considering giving you a raise," Banshee sighed melodramatically. "Could you just report it to the patrol already?" Igor dipped his head and slithered away, disappearing into the murk of the dimly-lit room. Banshee turned her head back to the window, which was now covered in thick, light pink curtains. "And be quick about it," she murmured with a small smile.
More coming soon!
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