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O: Zophan LF: Gold/Credits

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Gest's AvatarGest
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Any amount is aye okay! Post here or please send a trade ^^ I will upvote posts I have sent
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Biba's AvatarBiba
Biba's Avatar
i can offer 2000gp for zc
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Hello! Can I transfer 3.2 mil credits and 1.4 GP for 920 Zophan?
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sbrgilks's Avatarsbrgilks
sbrgilks's Avatar
Hi Can I trade 1,000,000 Credits for 200 zc?
Kårñstêin's AvatarKårñstêin
Kårñstêin's Avatar
My 4mil credits for 800zc?
Folly Potter's AvatarFolly Potter
Folly Potter's Avatar
Hi~ I have 13k GP I would like to trade for 2600 ZC if there still is some :3
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Gest's AvatarGest
Gest's Avatar
All sent/ restocked c:
faeiri's Avatarfaeiri
faeiri's Avatar
hello! i could trade my 2.5mil credits and 500 GP for 600 ZC? ^^
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Plumy's AvatarPlumy
Plumy's Avatar
Hi ! My 2000GP for 400ZC?
Heyo, if this is still open can I trade 1000gp? c:
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