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Team All-Out Pummeling! (May 2021, Fighting!)

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Miss Loyalty's AvatarMiss Loyalty
Miss Loyalty's Avatar
Gokigen'yo everyone, you all have been added!
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Unicorn Steak's AvatarUnicorn Steak
Unicorn Steak's Avatar
Hey team Fighting! I'll keep on with my Riolu hunt. Hope we'll have a fun type race!
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LightMoonBeam's AvatarLightMoonBeam
LightMoonBeam's Avatar
Hi!! Totally forgot to post here before, I was caught in final exams and stuff :) I'm planning on hunting Scraggy, but I'll probably switch target a few time as I get the special I need!
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Miss Loyalty's AvatarMiss Loyalty
Miss Loyalty's Avatar
First post has been updated! (Just like last month. It's a Riolu overload!)
AllyCATisFuN's AvatarAllyCATisFuN
AllyCATisFuN's Avatar
Riolu is best pokemon. LOL Is anyone going to host the raffle? I did it last time and am iffy about hosting it, but if no one else wants to I might just end up doing it.
Hey! My name is Ally!
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I am trying to trade my way to a year's worth of Hypermode!
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Hello! I go by Ally, though I also respond to Cat. I'm really excited to play with y'all, and I am more then ready to talk to people whenever! I also send gift baskets.
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floaramas's Avatarfloaramas
floaramas's Avatar
Hey everyone! Havent planned what to hunt yet but probably Riolu or Croagunk. If anyone is able to loan out breeding pairs or a shelter pass above A I would really appreciate it! Happy hunting!!
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SylviaRose's AvatarSylviaRose
SylviaRose's Avatar
I'm Sylvia and I'll be fighting this month. I'm still thinking about breeding, but I will likely be hatching randoms. I may start a hunt if my female melan combee hatches before this begins, but if not I'll stay on randoms. Also, I can contribute some prizes if we do a raffle!
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Ouran's AvatarOuran
Ouran's Avatar
Hi all. Names Ouran, and Im on this team this month. I'll be hatching randoms but I'll be breeding crabrawlers. I've never done it before but I can do a raffle if no one else really wants to.
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LightMoonBeam's AvatarLightMoonBeam
LightMoonBeam's Avatar
I hosted once for my team, but this month, the race is exactly in my final exams week so I think it'll be a little to much work But I'm happy to help!
AllyCATisFuN's AvatarAllyCATisFuN
AllyCATisFuN's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by LightMoonBeam

I hosted once for my team, but this month, the race is exactly in my final exams week so I think it'll be a little to much work But I'm happy to help!
Same here. Finals hurt my soul. Good luck on your exams though!

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