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Dusk form lycanrock help

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hi, I need some assistance. I am trying to evolve my rockruff into a dusk forme lycanrock, i've fed it perfect berries to raise its affection and it is at the right level. I have tried to evolve it between 17:00 and 17:59 server time but the only evolution option was midday forme. have I done something wrong?
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If you hover over the little sun icon next to the server time, it will tell you when the next sunset/sunrise is, depending on the time of day. Right now it says sunset's at 19:26, so try it then. The server will have the small "dusk" icon for a short time before going into nighttime. Dusk doesn't have a set time, it changes like how IRL dusk is at different times depending on the time of year. You have to check the icon to tell you when dusk is on the server for that day ^^
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omg thank you so much!

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