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buying gems and rtes for zc

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MelonCrusher's AvatarMelonCrusher
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QUOTE originally posted by gezeïchnet

@dragondance1021 neat, can i buy them all for 44zc ? @meloncrusher since they seem to be rather rare atm or at least hard to get, im actually happy meeting in the middle, so can do 6zc c':
That's amazing! I only have 4 trade slots so feel free to accept the gifts until i've sent them all :D
My Trade Shop! S/A Unown Dexes Available in my shop! Team Flying Raffle! I own my avatar <3
alice-1999's Avataralice-1999
alice-1999's Avatar
Yo- I have 1 medium dragon gem + 2 fighting! I'm a little useless at this site :') - so can you send a trade over with the ZR?
Art is done by me!; link to art and is my sona felix! :3 [drop a pm if you want some cheap art!] I am a bit useless on this site... I am more used to cs or fr aha so be patient with me please!
gezeïchnet's Avatargezeïchnet
gezeïchnet's Avatar
sure, thanks !
icon by kaffoum
glz's Avatarglz
glz's Avatar
i have 8 med dragon gems for 32 zc :)
gezeïchnet's Avatargezeïchnet
gezeïchnet's Avatar
sending a trade cx
All sent! I will have 10 more by tomorrow too.
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Aspear Berry (SOUR)
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Cheri Berry (SPICY)
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Chesto Berry (DRY)
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Pecha Berry (SWEET)
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Rawst Berry (BITTER)
Sour food
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gezeïchnet's Avatargezeïchnet
gezeïchnet's Avatar
thanks - and neat, feel free to come back with them then c':
I actually have 24 more weedles if you are still interested.
gezeïchnet's Avatargezeïchnet
gezeïchnet's Avatar
absolutely, ill send you the payment cx
britt's Avatarbritt
britt's Avatar
i have 5 med dragon i can sell ya :)
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