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1 fairy delta pichu for 1 gummi.1 free phione. 1 delta rock magikarp = 2 or 3 gummi and/or 6/7/8/9 gems. 1 delta ground magikarp for 1 gem and/or 1 gummi. 1 delta ice magikarp for 1 gem and/or 1 gummi. 1 free fossil kabuto. 1 poison poison delta seviper for 3 gems and 4 gummi.
trading: Pokemon bought from prize shop/legendary Pokemon payment accepted. free fields! comment here ok! all kind of payments except credits(10k)or gp(5): 1. eg: 1 gummi 1 box 1 gem 1 zc each
I sold 6/16 Pokemon!!
I got 21,432 credits out of 100,000, my goal!
help me grow it!! so cute!!! he is the best of bests! kings of kings!
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a Searine, bunbori, blophin and a(n) Ardik and a Sibex
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Banner created by LycanKai
Rikuwolf's AvatarRikuwolf
Rikuwolf's Avatar
I'll buy your shiny thivel for gummies :3
I collect ice deltas! Proud owner of 1,008 Different Ice Deltas (+ 249 extra) 1,257 TOTAL Updated June 5 2021
no problems!
MelonCrusher's AvatarMelonCrusher
MelonCrusher's Avatar
Could I get 2 shiny ponyta for gummies?
Quitting Sale I own my avatar <3
yes but wait
Sebfura's AvatarSebfura
Sebfura's Avatar
I will take a shiny ponyta,shiny theievul and the shiny skiddo for 10 gummies
Sprite made by FrigidMellohi Made by: GnarleyQuinn Arcanine and pikachu are made by Nightmøn
bump! everybody may need to wait because I'm having too many things here ^^
Ashe Moon's AvatarAshe Moon
Ashe Moon's Avatar
Just to be sure, with Gummi you mean this here right? If so I would like to buy let's go evee and the shiny magikarp Should be 4 Gummies? Correct me if I am wrong ^^ I have 3x Black, 2x pink, 2x silver, 2x white and 1 of all others. Hope I got this right with the gummies 😂 ____________________________________________________
I sell some summons and I have a lot Pkm for Sale, for free and for dexing at my shop 💕 take a look
111123579's Avatar111123579
111123579's Avatar
how can i buy things? 1 gril 1 boy arceus for 10 gp Mod Edit: Posts merged.
Ashe Moon's AvatarAshe Moon
Ashe Moon's Avatar
Can I have the fairy delta pichu pls Thanks 🤗

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