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a teapot [UNFINISHED]

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"YAY! I AM HATCHED!!!" said Litty, an albino Litten . "You're my starter. Congrats." Said Juce, the Trainer. "Oh! Welcome!" Said Holly, a scientist. "But you'll have to finish the tutorial first..." "HALT! Why?"Groaned Juce. "Ral! Litty was albino because it is my gift, but it end up that it has to make you go into TUTORIAL!!" Shouted Holly. "Then take away my albino!" Litty started demanding. "And we will skip the tutorial! YAY!" Commanded Juce. "Actually, the tutorial is 4 steps for people, but it is 5 if your Litten is an albino." "WHY!" "Scoop."Litty slowly scooped his bowl of water. "Why, this water is ALBINO WAAAA!TER!" "L-i-t-t-t-t-t-t-t!" Doug suddenly chimed in, determined to shout Litten's name. "SHE IS LITTER!" Garthic grew large. "she has perfect litter," said Juce, trying to be soft, "Litty is perfect." "but her teapot is cracked~~" groaned Ravyne. "CRACKED TEAPOT! CRACKED TEAPOT! CRACKED TEAPOT..." Litty wasn't so happy with the situation, "scalt!" and lots of flames surrounded Ravyne. "scatter20224fakefll!" and Holly, Garthic got surrounded. "2730garthico e730lab1maincharholle e404labnumneededdogu 4730ravyme FLAMES!!!!!!!!" Litty grew crazy.
help me grow it!! so cute!!! he is the best of bests! kings of kings!
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a Searine, bunbori, blophin and a(n) Ardik and a Sibex
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so This ah yup busyyy

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