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The Unforgivable Love -Love story-

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The Unforgivable Love

Chapter one: The New Boy In The Village
A storm raged outside and that made Ora terrified of every sound that came from outside. Everytime a boom of thunder rang out she let out a scream. It was even scarier that the storm was happening in the middle of the night. She got up and ran up to her room that was upstairs. Her parents were never home so what was the point in her getting the small room? She would never know the answer to that. She opened the door and ran into the room and jumped onto the light blue covered bed with grey blankets sprayed spiratic all around the bed. The bed was a complete mess but she didn't have time to clean it. She just wanted to make this night end. She shivered as she curled underneath the blankets. She closed her eyes shut and covered her head as she heard the ringing of the bell from downstairs. She sniffled and got up. "I better answer that." She muttered to herself and slipped off of the bed and dragged the large blanket down the twenty-three steps and almost slipped and fell on the last three as she made her way down and ran towards the door. She inhaled and then slowly unlocked the door after hearing it ring once more. She looked out and blinked as the night sky was drizzling with heavy rain. A boy with a dirty, ugly cloak over his head was hardly able to stand as he moved twoards her and collapsed. She caught him just in time just so he wouldn't fall onto the cold hard ground. She dragged him into the house and wrapped him up with the large blanket. "I'll clean you when you're more awake, sir." She told him as she placed him on the couch. She closed her eyes and slowly drifted off into the realm of dreams.
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One word: Perfect.
Avatar by @zubat. ←Made by CottonEevee ←Made by AngelOSShadows
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Aw thanks! I'll add more to the story once I get three upvotes/subscribers :D
Avatar made my crysta302 for my use only!
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AA I READ IT SO GOOD Anoynomous upvote, who did it?
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Omg thanks! I just need two more subscribers or two more upvotes and I'll add more! It was probably a karen trying to be sneaky
I upvoted :>
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The Unforgivable Love

Chapter one: The New Boy In The Village
Part two
Ora awoke with a jump as the booming of the thunder woke her. She stood up on end and then turned around and yelped. "I forgot to close the door!" She shreaked and then ran towards the door and slammed it shut. She looked at the boy that was covered head to toe in the large blanket. She walked over to him and poked him with a straw that was resting on the table in front of the couch and sighed. He only stirred but didn't wake up. "I bet you were exhausted. I would be too if I were you." She sighed and then fixed the blanket he was in. She smiled as she saw his head bob to the side as he let out a soft snore. She hummed and then stood up again and went off to the kitchen and made some omelettes for both him and her. Ora heard him stir again and yawn. She placed the omelettes on two plates and made sure they were both even and then walked over to the boy. "I don't want to make 'em uneven." She told herself as she walked. SHe then saw the boy look at her with his ugly, dirty rag cloak. He tilted his head at her before sniffing the air and gulped. She laughed. "Here, there's some for you!" She walked over to him and gave him a plate. To which he instantly devowered the food in a single bite. He then coughed as he swallowed. She contuined laughing. "Silly! You should have eaten that slower! You have to wait to eat." He then blinked and nodded to her. He then looked at the blanket and tugged on it. "Oh! I wrapped you up with the blanket so you wouldn't catch a cold!" He nodded and then slipped out of the couch and dropped the blanket on the floor. He bowed his head to her. "My name is Orlyan." He said. "Or.. lyan?" She blinked. "My name is Ora." She pointed to herself. Orlyan smiled and nodded. He stood up straight and looked at his cloak. Ora walked over to him and grabbed his hand and dragged him up the twenty-three stairs and to the bathroom. "You can get cleaned here. I'll go get you some clothes." She said as she opened up the door. He walked into the bathroom and slowly closed the door and started the shower. She went off to go find clothes for him to wear. She walked into her father's dresser and picked out pants and a black shirt. She then ran into her sibling's room and picked out a cloak that was clean and ran to the bathroom. She cracked open the door and placed the clothes on the counter and shut the door without ever looking into room. If this story gets three upvotes or five subscribers, I will add more!!
Yay!!! I love the second part! I look forward to a 3rd!
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Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm having fun writing this story and I'm glad all of you is able to read it along with me!

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