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Sakqia's AvatarSakqia
Sakqia's Avatar
I cant find eggs ive bred in the shelter. I have the black flute and I release the eggs, but mine never pop up and ive been trying for two days now. Im looking for goldeen eggs so I kinda doubt that they are flying off the shelves. What am I missing? I did also read the wiki.
Gumshoe's AvatarGumshoe
Gumshoe's Avatar
How many did you release? It may take several hundred before they start appearing regularly in there. Theyll also be a bit hard to find if you dont have a bit of a chain going for them! (~50? eggs in?) The only thing i can recommend is just releasing more, haha.
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Grima's AvatarGrima
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There's over 135,000 eggs in the shelter, so you may want to breed more ^^
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Sakqia's AvatarSakqia
Sakqia's Avatar
Thanks! I think thats it because im only releasing like 6 or 12 lol
FatalDubstep's AvatarFatalDubstep
FatalDubstep's Avatar
It's kind of already been said, but it's really hard to find your eggs if you release less than 50 (for popular eggs like eevee, so they don't get stolen), or less than like 200 for uncommon eggs (like eggs that no one's hunting, so everyone will be stealing from you). I don't know how accurate those numbers are but that's pretty much my go to reference at least ^^ Good luck! edit: from not for
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MikoFerret's AvatarMikoFerret
MikoFerret's Avatar
I was having the same problem so this explains it. I have to do a lot more clicking! I have been releasing around 15 at a time. Then I click more and then go search the shelter. I'm surprised I have found as many as I have. How long does it take for your eggs to show up in the shelter after release? I think it said 15 minutes. Is that correct?
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Grey Skies's AvatarGrey Skies
Grey Skies's Avatar
The site releases everything released at 15 minute intervals ^^ I believe I've heard that these intervals are at 3, 18, 33, and 48 minutes after each hour but I'm not 100% on the accuracy of that
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Leacky's AvatarLeacky
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QUOTE originally posted by Grey Skies

these intervals are at 3, 18, 33, and 48 minutes after each hour
Small correction: it's actually xx:04, xx:19, xx:34 and xx:49. And yeah, to find your Eggs in the Shelter you need to breed a ton of them, like several hundreds per day. It's easier if you have a 99% breeding pair at a similar level and above level 50. And with high happiness.
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