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Ninetales~ Effects of the Herb

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A boy clambered up a cliff. Most would've been shocked at the site of the eight-year-old climbing the ledge, but no one paid mind to him. Every day he did this to check on the Goletts. Without them, the region would've fallen to ruin long ago... 'How am I supposed to get out?' The Vaporeon was on the other side of a small hole, which she used to sneak out. 'Oops, didn't quite remember how big you were.' 'Hey!' The Absol bonked her on the nose, 'More like how tiny you are.' Ignoring that comment, Sunny darted over to the small dresser in the corner, 'Pretend to be asleep!' 'Uhh... why?' Solo looked at her in confusion. She began to push the piece of furniture with much difficulty. 'Just do it.' A small Pichu napped in his lap as he sat on the cliff. Nearby, a Riolu conversed with an Emolga. Nothing was wrong with the Gotletts... but they don't seem to be as attentive as before. In fact, they actually seemed a tad nervous. "But why?" He wondered aloud. Shaking it off, he gently pushed the Pichu out of his lap before beginning to climb down. "What in the name of Arceus-" Rook stared at Sunny blankly, who was caught in the act of shoving the dresser. The trainer ruffled his brown hair, "You know what, I'm not even going to ask." He left the room but the Absol noticed, with one eye open, that he purposely left the door open enough for them to get out. 'Yes!' The Vaporeon said in accomplishment. She got up and shook out her fur, 'How did you know he'll leave the door open? Also, why didn't you ask me to open it?' Sunny paused, 'He always leaves it open when I'm up to something, but pretends to know nothing if I'm caught. Also, I forgot you could open it. It's been a while, sorry Al- Solo.' The Absol glared, before letting out an exasperated sigh, 'So are you going to show me that Mewtwo? Cherry can stay here.' The young shiny Absol snored in response, proving her point. 'Yes. Just follow me already.' Walking down an ever so worn path, he was heading home. Nothing was wrong, but he felt unnerved. Suddenly, he heard a twig snap and a growl. Blindly releasing a Thunderbolt in the direction of the sound, he broke into a run, hoping he bought himself enough time. Yet it was too late - the Pokeball had already been thrown. Crystal glanced back nervously, worrying for her trainer. The Alolan Ninetales had followed her human through many things, but this was just about the riskiest move, and that's a lot coming from a Team Rocket pokemon. Both trainer and Pokemon froze when they heard footsteps. We're not supposed to be here! Why are humans so crazy? Just then Sunny and another pokemon padded into the hallway, proving to be the source of the footsteps. "Oh, it's just you and that Absol." Said her human with a sigh of relief. Crystal just rolled her eyes, 'We could've been caught!' Yet she couldn't understand her. The Absol narrowed its eyes, 'What do you mean?' She lifted a paw, then lowered it. 'Sunny, can I trust her?' The Vaporeon glanced at the larger pokemon, 'Yes.' The Ninetales flicked one of her tails, 'Have you ever heard of Katochu?' There was one thing Kato hated more than being called a pokemon - a Pokeball. It was embarrassing enough to be caught in one, but he rather stays in it than break out. Breaking out of Pokeballs only seemed to scare people. Mentally sighing, he was beginning to hate a certain plant... The Absol followed Cyrstal and Sunny reluctantly. 'I did not under any circumstance agree to any other risks besides dealing with the Mewtwo. Why must I do this?' 'Because it's the right thing?' Sunny responded, glancing back at her. 'What exactly do you mean,' the pokemon began, 'by the right thing? You do realize who exactly you're talking to?' Suddenly the Vaporeon seemed less sure of herself, 'Well, that doesn't mean you can't change. You don't have to do what you were trained to do.' 'Yet isn't that the point of being trained?' Interrupted the Ninetales. Sunny glared, 'You're not helping,' then she glanced back at the Absol, 'the choice is yours. It's up to you to let go of the past, not Rook or any other trainer.' Kato leaned against the wall, restless. Once again wondering how he got into this mess, he angrily fiddled with a pokeball - the same one he broke out of earlier. Suddenly footsteps rang outside the door... 'Here we are!' Crystal's trainer opened the door and gave her a sharp command. The Ninetales obediently sat down, typical seeing she was a Team Rocket pokemon. 'So,' began the Absol, 'what are we supposed to do?' Sunny perked her ears, trying to lock onto a noise that was bothering all of them, 'We need to keep watch while Sarah, that is, Crystal's human, convinces Kato.' She frowned, 'Why would she need to convince him?' Crystal chuckled nervously, 'Weeeell, the only way for him to escape-' 'Is by using a pokeball.' Finished the Vaporeon. Pikachu had no idea what to say to his former trainer. Emmy had just flown in with news of that Mewtwo, and he was left to spill the truth. "So you're saying, not only was Kato kidnapped by Team Rocket, but the only thing keeping the Goletts from having to fight is a lone, murderous Absol who's gone missing?" Asked Ash, frustrated that the pokemon had took so long to tell him. Emmy looked down in shame and let out of squeak, which Pikachu translated, 'She says she's sorry, but we weren't so sure you'll be comfortable knowing about... well... Aly.' "It has a name?" He took a deep breath, "I'm severly questioning whether you were sane at the time of making an agreement with that Absol." 'I said nearly killed, she didn't actually manage to finish it off, she was fighting against more than one Mewtwo and none of them had good intentions.' He responded in defense. Ash gave him a look, "If you were trying to make me feel better, you aren't helping." Pikachu sighed, 'Aly was younger back then and didn't quite understand the damage Aura can do if used the wrong way, she can control her Aura better now and doesn't jump into things as quickly. No matter what happened in the past, you can trust her now.' "Then," he started, "if I can trust her, how come someone from Team Rocket got into the region?" It was pitch dark as the Ninetales stirred. Crystal had heard something, but what was it? There's something dark in these woods- She held back a gasp at seeing yellow eyes watching her. Her heart was racing by the time it left, and she stood up, on gaurd. Yet she had not expected a Zacian to attack her. Using Aurora Beam, she was suprised to see a Thunderbolt and Nightslash join her attack. Kato was awake, and Solo had followed them... 'I don't know. Emmy says she saw Aly leave the region, but she didn't think it was important.' The former trainer looked at him in interest, "How long ago was that?" 'A few days ago,' the Pikachu looked at him, confused. "You said she mastered the Aura, right?" Ash glanced out the window thoughfully, "If she left recently, that means she won't be too hard to find. Her knowledge of the Aura may help us." Emmy squeaked again at that. Pikachu nodded solemly in response, 'Well, that's not the only way Aly's different from other Absol. She discovered how to mega evolve without a trainer's help.' "So?" 'Aly can fly.' The Zacian looked dazed after being hit with Aura Sphere, then whimpered and ran. The Absol's eyes narrowed, 'That was too odd...' She grumbled under her breath. Crystal looked at her in suprise, 'Why did you follow us?' 'You really thought I don't know my own territory? Of course I followed you, it's dangerous here!' She paused at hearing a groan, 'And it looks like that Zacian didn't miss after all.' "Well that certainly makes things difficult." 'I'm just wondering why she left in the first place,' said Pikachu, 'she isn't like that and has a certain dislike towards humans... and Arceus.' Ash stared at him blankly, "Arceus...?" He shrugged, 'She hasn't explained that part well.' Ash looked out the window and frowned, "What's going on out there?" The Absol had mega evolved and went ahead to the region. Pausing at the border, she waited for some pokemon to show up, but no one came. Should I go ahead? But I promised... 'Mew?' Chronology: Previous Absol Next Mew
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