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Absol~ Effects of the Herb

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An Absol stood in a moonlight field, wearing a pedant, which was it's mega stone. Her current trainer, who was brutal, wanted to mega evolve her just to get the interest of a collector. Yet she refused. Everytime she trained, she refused to mega evolve, but this time, something was diffrent - a chance to escape. She closed her eyes as the stone pulsed, and with a burst of light, she changed into a Mega Absol. Her trainer was suprised that she finally gave in, but it was not what he thought. Launching into the air, she faintly heard shouts coming from below, yet it was too late... Sunny padded into field. 'Aly,' she whispered, not wanting to disturb whatever beast that might be nearby, 'Aly?' She heard a screech and broke into a run, nearly tripping over a little red Absol and seeing the battle playing out before her... Aly was different. Her eyes were blue, her fur was more silvery, she knew an unusual amount of Fairy and Psychic moves, and broke bones faster then other Absol. And when she mega evolved, she looked different. When Absol mega evolve, they have an impressive mane of fur resembling wings, but they couldn't fly. Aly was different. She kept trying and trying, even going as far as launching off a cliff - but she flew. Sunny was just an Eevee back then, but she was amazed by the sight off the little Absol running off the ledge fearlessly, not caring what would happen if she failed. Years later, when they wound up with Rook, Sunny asked her why she did it, and how. And Aly told the Eevee her story. The Absol used Psycho Cut, stunning the Articuno for a second, allowing her to slash at it with her scythe. It flew out of the way, and clawed at her until she backed up enough for it to use Ancient Power. From a distance, a trainer watched, occasionally shouting a command. Sunny felt an ever so familiar breeze and watched as the Articuno became weaker with every attack - causing her to nearly being caught by a stray pokeball. Quickly she realized that the Trainer was trying to catch the baby Absol right next to her. Her eyes narrowed. She wasn't going to let that happen. 'I was labled different,' Aly began, 'and I guess I am, a lot to be honest.' She sighed before continuing, 'I didn't realize that the other Absols were planning to get rid of me. They wanted to trick our trainer into thinking I was more trouble then I was worth. By the time I was on that ledge, they already managed to make me look bad enough that it didn't matter what happened if I fell, there was nothing to loose.' Sunny placed a paw on her shoulder, 'But you didn't fall.' She shook her head sadly, 'I didn't, and that's how I met the Mewtwo Trainer. I was the only Absol to fly and I wonder if it was ever worth it. Eventually, I was de-megaed given to another trainer... and trained to use Aura in the worst ways possible. Finally, I escaped, only to be caught again by Rook. I guess no Trainer can pass up a pokemon who's powerful enough.' Sunny said nothing. She knew it was true, this was Team Rocket after all. Using Water Pulse, she protected the young Absol. Finally, the mega evolved pokemon used Night Slash and potentially drained most of her oponnent's Aura, causing Articuno and it's Trainer to flee. The Absol landed, growling at spotting Sunny. 'Who are you?' The Vaporeon took a step back, 'Aly, it's me Sunny, remember?' She blinked in suprise, 'Sunny? But-' 'Yeah, I'm sort of a Vaporeon now.' She answered. 'I suppose you forgotten,' the Absol looked up, 'that I'm no longer Aly.' After being outcasted from the other Absol, Aly took on the name Solo, meaning alone. Yet Sunny refused to call her that. The Absol knew much about things other pokemon wouldn't dare to think about, meaning not only was she outcasted, she was isolated. The Absol eventually withdrew within herself, and became cold to others. 'You want me to do what?' Sunny chuckled nervously, 'Well I thought since you knew so much about Mewtwos-' 'No,' The Absol interrupted, 'there is no reason for me to help humans, why should I risk it?' 'Because it's the right thing to do?' The Vaporeon implied. Her eyes were as cold as ice, 'You mean helping humans who pratically enslave pokemon? Listen Sunny, if it was any other trainer, I might of done it, but no.' As the Absol prepared to leave, Sunny remembered something important. 'Rook is planning to leave.' She nudged the young Absol forward, 'Good for him.' 'Yet he doesn't want to because he's worried about what happened to you.' Aly stopped, 'He is? But-' 'Can't you let go of a grudge?' She asked. 'You can't hide forever.' The Absol sighed, 'Fine, but you have to stop calling me Aly and if anything goes wrong, I'm leaving.' Sunny breathed in relief, 'Thank you.' As the Absols followed Sunny, a distance above, an Emolga spotted them. Thinking nothing of it at the moment, it glided back home, only to later regret not mentioning the Absol. Chronology: Previous Umbreon Next Ninetales
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