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PWYW Exclusives/Variants/Legendaries

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Mewtoo's AvatarMewtoo
Mewtoo's Avatar
I need to clear out my two PWYW fields again so I can restock so I'm putting up this thread! As people buy them I'll try to replenish the fields. The pokemon you see there represent the variety, not the quanitity, so feel free to ask about natures or genders if you see a species you like but the pokemon on display doesn't fit what you're looking for. As always it's completely pay what you want, no need to state what you're offering in your post if you don't want to. ^^
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Could i please grab slypin. Caimaw ans kawoto for 30k credits? Apologise for no links im on mobile atm
Mewtoo's AvatarMewtoo
Mewtoo's Avatar
No worries! I'll send 'em
monca2014's Avatarmonca2014
monca2014's Avatar
Hello. Can be 10 GP for: Slypin male Naughty Kryptik Naughty ?
runinja966's Avatarruninja966
runinja966's Avatar
My avatar is my own oc made in my Gacha Club app. I use the image for LARPing purposes. So you won't find it anywhere else.
Mewtoo's AvatarMewtoo
Mewtoo's Avatar
Yes to both! I'll send 'em over ^^
Sunsword7's AvatarSunsword7
Sunsword7's Avatar
May I have the Victini in the 2nd PWYW field for my Magatama?
Mewtoo's AvatarMewtoo
Mewtoo's Avatar
FabledSheep's AvatarFabledSheep
FabledSheep's Avatar
Hi, can I please get this Vampire Gligar for 2gp? If you have any others with any berry pref I'll buy those too ^^
Ashes20's AvatarAshes20
Ashes20's Avatar
May I get this one please? https://pokefarm.com/summary/4RtW_
credit: GnarleyQuinn 493

Pages: 12

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