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Dragonpipe's AvatarDragonpipe
Dragonpipe's Avatar
Aruna They chuckled and patted Luna on the head. "Alright." They smiled and then looked at Comet. Miss Comet, I am not too weak to protect you and Luna. Do not stay here for me. Go enjoy your day.
Pfp made by Pochi! It is made for my use only! My Rp! :3 My Story! My art shop! Hey! Mind clicking these guys while your at On a hunt for ZC! 69/5000 Any help with this would be gratefully appreciated! I'd like some free pokemon please! I will take any that you don't want! I want to have them all!!~
CottonEevee's AvatarCottonEevee
CottonEevee's Avatar
~Luna~ She hopped off towards the flower field after saying, "Nap!" to Aruna. * Comet * Okay. Comet followed Luna.
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Hey :D I'm Kotto! Self-described weirdo and wants a cat.
My nickname (for close friends ONLY, which means basically only people irl) is Miss Sassypants the Weirdo Hyena xD
I'm a she/they and pan
Not taken, but please don't flirt!
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Dragonpipe's AvatarDragonpipe
Dragonpipe's Avatar
Aruna They rested on Comet's back after hearing Luna. I'll be right here. I won't be completely asleep so if you need something let me know. (Also let me tell you that pfp of yours is adorable and I want to hug it)
FatalXEchos's AvatarFatalXEchos
FatalXEchos's Avatar
Lunar chirped and hugged Crystal
Avatar by @zubat. ←Made by CottonEevee ←Made by AngelOSShadows Pico's school meets Friday night Funkin!
fluferson's Avatarfluferson
fluferson's Avatar
Crystal shifted watching her
Have a lovely day! Looking to join some RPs :D Pm me if you have one I should join! my rp! another! :D My story! - made by cottoneevee
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FatalXEchos's AvatarFatalXEchos
FatalXEchos's Avatar
Skid put his head on his paws, looking tired and drowsy
CottonEevee's AvatarCottonEevee
CottonEevee's Avatar
* Comet * Sleep, you'll feel better. She trotted along behind Luna. ~Luna~ Luna hummed a tune, wondering what Niko was doing.
Dragonpipe's AvatarDragonpipe
Dragonpipe's Avatar
Aruna They sighed and then closed their eyes. I'll sleep when we get back to the cave.
CottonEevee's AvatarCottonEevee
CottonEevee's Avatar
* Comet * She nodded absently. ~Luna~ "We HERE!" she shouted delightedly, jumping into the field and rolling around.
Dragonpipe's AvatarDragonpipe
Dragonpipe's Avatar
Aruna They flinched and jumped up. Yelping slightly and looked around. They sighed when they looked at Luna. "Oh it's just you.." They tried flying over to her and face palmed into the ground and then rolled down to her.

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