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Abyss Forest RP

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swims up to the Minccino "Where'd you find that?" she asked hoping she could find a mega stone around the area.

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Micho jumped at the sight of the Vaporeon. She pointed to the pond. "I swimmed in there and I found," she whispered.
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*Espy jumps from the water st last and fills in the hole* Espy- What a great way to spend my evening! I'd better grab something to eat! *walks back go the campground*
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Neeks sighs, taking some time to think about it. It still wasn't entirely sure if it would be welcomed in the camp, or if it would be able to adjust to that kind of community. But there's Pokemon who would need it there, right? There's no such thing as too much support, is there? It wouldn't hurt, then, to even just check the place out.
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"Thank you. I'm looking for mega stones. My name's Dragina for my dragon wings" she spread them wide to show the Minccino, "What's yours?" she wonders about her dream...
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Wish Wish was slightly confused. What is happening? They would ask themselves, is it something that I can help with?
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she saw Wish turn to her and clarified,"I was just asking where she found that stone. I'm searching for them myself."
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Wish Wish sighed. "Stone, stone. Ah, yes. The stone. It looks like me, yes?" THey looked at Micho and gave a smile to her. "That is a stone that gives me power, little one."
"Like.. a mega stone?"
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- Pira - Pira didn't like sleeping in closed spaces so she accidentally fell asleep playing with her makeshift toys, hugging Biku, her little shiny teddy bear Wish had been so kind to give her. Pira forgot the last time she fell asleep without any large bouts of panic attacks or dark thoughts her father set in her head. - Blaze - Blaze yawned and grabbed some more meat from the hidden cooler she stole in her den. This time, she tried cooking it over the glowing lava puddle. Ending up with some burnt meant, just how she liked it. She wolfed it down and settled down, just her and her thoughts, for now.
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