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Abyss Forest RP set up

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Character Name: Snow Species(human or pokemon): Glaceon Gender:Male Appearance: A shiny glaceon, nothing abnormal. Anything else you would like to say? Nope.
Avatar made my crysta302 for my use only!
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Accepted! We welcome Snow to the Abyss Forest!
Pfp made by Shuichi! Please do not steal it! It is made for my use only! Beautiful Aku done by Shuichi! My Rp! If you'd like to join feel free to! :3 https://pokefarm.com/forum/thread/300326/Abyss-Forest-RP/post/5814798
Character name: Midnight Species (human or pokemon): Melan Umbreon(at night) Shiny umbreon (at day) Gender: male Apperence: a normal umbreon who has a dark hooded cloak for sneak-scavenging food (er-stealing food) for everyone when needed(has pockets for blowguns and smoke grenades. even a knife to pick a lock when someone's stuck). He also has a moon pendant made of solid gold attatched to a silver chain. extras: spoilers, soon in the RP, he mega forms -----------------------------another one------------------------------------ Character name: Dragina Species (human or pokemon): a minature Eevee with dragon wings(made by AsymDoll13) Gender: female Apperence: Midnight's adopted daughter, genetically mutated at birth to have dragon wings and be hatched half the size that she should've been. She was kicked out because of that and was picked up by Midnight. She wears a silver sun pendant linked by a silver chain and carries around a blowgun and matches(if they somehow were stranded in a tundra and were cold) extra: spoilers for her, too. She is a crossbreed, but i'm not saying what. -------------------------another one---------------------------------------- Character name: Abby Species (human or pokemon): Shiny Mega Sylveon Gender: female Apperence: a graceful, young, elegant, Sylveon that wears two bracelets (one on each front leg) that resemble stars. Each bracelet has one dawn stone in the middle of the cerium stars. one thing she hates is getting dirty. If she fell into a pit of flashsand mixed with concrete and mud, she could unleash a powerful rage attack that could vaporize any plant within 500 meters!

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@SavageKidGamer like this? It's [pkmn=Umbreon (S)]
Kotto❤She/They 3/1000 19/1000 3/1000 Hi I'm Kotto and I'm a durp! Please consider checking out my art shop with my friends! (It's my main one :3) Sig & BG credit * Avatar credit
oh yeah thanks
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Hi! I'm not really familiar with PFQ RPs, but I'll just plop down a sheet here. If you don't want me to join, that's definitely okay! Name: Neeks Species: Deino Gender: Absorgender* Appearence: Neeks is pretty normal colour-wise, with no noticable traits like albinism. It does, however, seem to have more fur around it's neck and head than the average Deino; this is not significant at first glance, but upon feeling their mane, it is much softer and fluffier than most. Also unlike most Deino, if you brush Neeks' hair away, it has red eyes. Most Deino's eyes are not visible thought their fluff, but Neeks' softer hair has allowed for this. Personality: Neeks is a very sweet and balanced individual. Its like that little voice in your head that tells you to listen to your heart. It always means the best for others and wants everyone to happy, which can end up in it mentally draining itself. When this happens, it may become unresponsive for days. Regardless, it always gets back up again because, at the end of the day, there's more people and Pokemon who need help. Anything else you'd like to say?: * Absorgender is a genderfluid identity that depends on those around them, changing based on who they are with or the genders their peers identify as. Neeks' "blank state" (their gender before interaction with others) is agender, using it/its pronouns.
Hi! I'm Snail! IT/ITS currently simping for keroppi
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Character name:Daniel Species (human or pokemon): Zorua Gender:Male Appearance: Normal zorua, except for yellow instead of red hair on the top of his head. Anything else you'd like to say?: Nope.
Image taken from https://knowyourmeme.com/photos/637514-no-stop-touching-me-i-am-the-night Noibat is the night!
Dragonpipe's AvatarDragonpipe
Dragonpipe's Avatar
Wow that's a lot of people.. We welcome all of you to Abyss Forest!
can I add one more? Character name: Ellie Species (human or pokemon): Jolteon (albino) Gender: female Appearance: hates humans, friends with Abby, burly, otherwise your average Jolteon.
Dragonpipe's AvatarDragonpipe
Dragonpipe's Avatar
As the rule states: You can make as many character's as you like! Just as long as you make a human character after four pokemon character's! We welcome Ellie to Abyss Forest!

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